LNP21 | Creating a Mental Health Strategy for Your Church

Leadership Network Podcast | Episode 21

October 24, 2022

In this episode of our Mental Health series, professional therapist Lindsey Blodgett will discuss how every leader can help their church develop a plan to bring hope to the next generation. This practical conversation will equip you with the next steps to build a comprehensive strategy to bring help and healing to people struggling with mental health in your community.

Leadership Podcast Series:

It seems that more public figures, athletes, celebrities, and even politicians are talking about mental health and admitting that they too are struggling. Every day, more young people are choosing a profession in the mental health field. We have more awareness than ever before,—and yet the percentages of depression, anxiety and even suicide are getting worse. Why is this happening? Join us for a three-week series diving into the root causes, innovative responses, and new strategies to build churches that help the next generation find the healing they are longing for.

To learn more at Leadership Network, visit leadnet.org and for more conversations on Generation NEXT click here.

To watch the conversation, visit https://mult-archive.em02.enthusiastinc.net/event/creating-a-mental-health-strategy-for-your-church/

Lindsey Blodgett

Lindsey Blodgett

Lindsey is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Michigan. She deeply values the opportunity to be invited into your most fragile areas and walk alongside you, in whatever story line you find yourself, toward freedom, wholeness, and hope.  Lindsey graduated with a master’s in counseling from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary after receiving a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hope College. She specializes in working with adolescents and women. Lindsey has experience working with a range of issues, including anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, adjustment issues, depression, sexual trauma, and grief. She believes in taking a holistic and collaborative approach to the exploration of the season you are in and where it is you desire to be.
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