Creating a Culture of Mobilization


From mobilizing the church for service in your community to engaging the next generation, breathe new life and energy into your people to better reach the unchurched.

Session 1: Unleashing the Mobilization Flywheel in Your Church
Do you need more volunteers for your church or do you want to send more everyday missionaries from your church? Or both!? Larry Walkemeyer (along with Todd Wilson) have developed a simple, yet powerful tool to unleash the latent potential already residing in your church. Every Church and every Christian has a common mission AND a unique calling, yet they need a clear path to run on. The Mobilization Flywheel provides an uncomplicated, straight-forward model which has the capacity to create a multiplication movement. This workshop will present the model, contemporary examples, ideas for implementation and keys to overcoming the different forms of inertia. Your people and your church were Made for More.
Speaker: Larry Walkemeyer

Session 2: Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building and Mobilizing Your Next Generation Leader
This session provides you with coaching inspiration and practical action steps to activate your millennial leaders so they can become one of your greatest leaders. If you’ve ever struggled to engage the next generation, you will take away with practical tips on understanding millennials and learning how to build them up.
Speaker: Paul Sohn

Session 3: Mobilizing a City: Prayer & Fasting for Awakening
Join Dave Clayton as he shares his experience of mobilizing a city for prayer and fasting to see revival in your city and beyond.
Speaker: Dave Clayton

Session 4: Ministry Doesn’t Have to Be Measurable — How to Thrive for the Long Haul
In a current culture of constantly having to provide results, Pastor Joby Martin will share how to not just survive in ministry but how to thrive.
Speaker: Joby Martin

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