Creating a Sending Church Culture | Brian Bloye

December 22, 2016

Multiplication is not just another program in your church; it’s who you are. – Brian Bloye

In this podcast from Exponential West 2016, Brian Bloye shares Best Practices as a lead pastor – how he has intentionally created a culture of sending within his church. As a proven practitioner, he explains the principles and practices that create the perfect environment for sending out your people to plant churches.

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Key Sending Church Highlights:

  • 5 keys to creating a sending culture in your church
  • Communicating a multiplication vision
  • Managing the tensions that keep churches from sending
  • Raising church planters from within your church
Creating a Sending Church Culture – Brian Bloye

In 1997, Brian and his wife, Amy, moved to northwest metro Atlanta and launched West Ridge Church. West Ridge has grown to nearly 5000 in weekly attendance. Brian is also founder and president of The Launch Group, an organization that equips multiplication leaders with reproducible systems to plant more churches. Since 2011, Launch has helped start 66 churches, with another 25 getting ready to start in the next year.

Brian Bloye

Brian Bloye

Brian Bloye is the pastor of West Ridge Church in Dallas, Georgia, and the founder of the Launch Network, an organization focused on inspiring and equipping next-generation church planters to lead strong. Brian also serves as founder and president of Engage Burkina, an organization committed to serving the people of Burkina Faso, Africa. Since 2009, 11 churches have been planted and 74 wells dug in this nation, the world's second-poorest country.
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