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December 23, 2018


Flourish – Growing a Level 5 Marriage

Leaving a Legacy
Today’s FREE resource is Flourish – Growing a Level 5 Marriage by Larry and Deb Walkemeyer.  

What level of “oneness” are you working toward in your marriage?

This is the critical question for all couples, especially if you’re in ministry together, say Larry and Deb Walkemeyer, co-pastors of Light & Life Fellowship in Long Beach, California.

In this FREE eBook, the Walkemeyers springboard from Exponential’s framework of five levels of church multiplication and reflect on their 40 years of marriage—as well as their experience counseling and working with couples—to identify five levels of marriages and their distinct characteristics. They believe (and have seen firsthand) that any marriage can travel from its current level to a Level 5 “Communion” marriage. A fantastic read for you and your spouse to begin a healthy and flourishing 2019.

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*BONUS CONTENT – Marriage & Ministry Kit

Marriage and Ministry Kit
The Marriage and Ministry Kit helps you overcome the challenges that face your marriage, family, ministry, and the spaces where those domains intersect. The kit features videos from seasoned ministry leaders as well as the Flourish eBook.
Download here.

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