[Day 4 of 12] Marks of a Movement – FREE DOWNLOAD

December 15, 2018


Marks of a Movement

Mega Multi MultiplyDay 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas is here!

What would it look like to start a multiplication movement in the West? There is no better example of church multiplication than the Wesleyan revival, which grew exponentially in the early years. The movement started with only a handful of people in the 1700s and grew into a movement that reached thousands of people and established hundreds of societies in England and the United States. From 1850 to 1905, American Methodism averaged planting more than seven hundred churches per year. Do the math!

Today’s FREE Download is Marks of a Movement by Winfield Bevins.

*Bonus Content – Shift 1 Video

The first and most important Made for More shift is From More Effort to More Jesus.  Whatever we know of Peace…he is more.  Whatever we know of love…he is more.  Whatever we know of justice…he is more.  Whatever we know of goodness…Jesus is more. Whatever experience we have of the supernatural power of God…Jesus is more. Always more. Watch the video below as Rob Wegner talks about the first essential shift for mobilization, from More Effort to More Jesus.


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