Why and How to Develop Leaders Starting Now

February 8, 2017

If God has called us to be multiplying movements, where do we expect those leaders to come from? – Brian Howard

The era of hiring pre-packaged leaders is over. You may occasionally hire a leader from the outside, but there are simply not enough leaders out there for you to not develop your own. Few pastors have any intentional plan for developing new leaders. There is, however, no better use of your time as a pastor than to develop leaders. Why should I develop leaders? How do I get started? How can I become a leader-developing machine? Find answers to these important questions from Brian Howard in this podcast from Exponential West 2016.

Join Brian at Exponential East 2017, where he will be leading workshops on leadership and church planting.

Key Highlights:

  • Biblical reasons for developing leaders
  • Practical reasons for developing leaders
  • Modeling leadership development
  • Identifying potential leaders
  • Structuring for leadership development
Why and How to Develop Leaders Starting Now – Brian Howard

Brian Howard has 24 years of proven leadership experience as a leadership coach, non-profit executive, church planter, lead pastor, and business owner. Brian has successfully started two businesses and several non-profit corporations. Brian also planted a church that grew from one family to approximately 700 people.

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