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Return to Disciple-Making

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Videos from Exponential 2024

The 2024 Digital Access Pass is the perfect resource for individual and team training! Now you can bring the main stage experience home to your spouse, team, and church. In this digital resource you will:

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Exponential Global 2024 Digital Access Pass Series Content

Videos are organized by the five sub-themes at Exponential and include talks and creative elements from all main sessions.

Session 1: Reaching → Making
  • Definition of Disciple
  • Process of Disciple-Making
  • Global Speakers: Léonce Crump, Jay Pathak
Session 2: Informing → Equipping
  • Equipping God’s People
  • Global Speakers: Evan Mawarire
Session 3: Attending → Attaching
  • Creating Disciple-making Spaces
  • Growing in Love Through Spiritual Practices
  • Orlando Speakers: Will Chung, Danielle Strickland
Session 4: Striving → Thriving
  • Spirit Empowered Ministry
  • Your Relational Journey
  • Orlando Speakers: Jeff Vanderstelt
    Sarah Jackson
Session 5: Accumulating → Deploying
  • Changing the Scorecard
  • Surrender: It Starts With You
  • Orlando Speakers: Slavik Pyzh, Pete Greig
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Return to Disciple-Making Bible Study

7 Shifts to Align Your Church with Jesus’s Mission

How can church leaders focus on what really matters? So much of our attention as leaders can be wrapped up in activities that don’t contribute to the essential task Jesus gave us as a church—making disciples who make disciples. Every ministry in our churches should work toward the goal of forming people who love Jesus, spend time with him, and live like him. In this seven-session series, pastor and author of One-Eighty: A Return to Disciple-making, Jeff Vanderstelt shares seven key shifts we need to make to cultivate disciples in our churches who love God and others.

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