Project: Digital Church Network
Leader: Jeff Reed and Chestly Lunday


Starting and Multiplying Digital & Metaverse Disciple-Making & Church Planting Movements.

Project Categories

  • Church Planter Recruiting and Equipping
  • Church Planting and Funding Model, Collaborative Methods for Increased Planting
  • Digital Engagement and Technology Models and Methods
  • Disciple Making and Church Engagement
  • Methods and Models for Mobilizing Everyday Missionaries
  • Micro Models and Expressions
  • Other – Innovative, unique projects that may not fit in an identified category but still fulfill our mission of church multiplication

Big Idea and Overview

The heart of Digital Church Network is to do something different. We’re empowering a different type of planter to start different types of churches in different spaces, reaching a different type of person. Primarily a bi-vocational movement, we provide Community, Care, and Coaching for leaders who sense the vision of Jesus to seek and save the lost in Digital and Metaverse Spaces. We began early 2022, launching our digital community in February, which is now over 500 members strong! We just launched our Digital Church Planter training called Launchpad. In addition, we launched 12 church networks involving 70+ pastors and planters as we introduced NewThing’s Movement System into DCN. Coming in the near future is a digital accelerator for existing digital ministries to up their ministry game, trainings on multiplying digital/metaverse missionaries, even soulcare & mental health in the metaverse as well as an expansion of church planting networks within the Metaverse. We plan on seeing over 1,000 people join our community by the end of the year.

Customer / Mission Field Context

Our target is any person that feels a call to reach people in Digital- or Metaverse- spaces, or someone that wants to utilize digital discipleship to reach people physically.

Goals and Desired Outcomes

  • By EOY 2023 – 10 movement leaders in digital & metaverse spaces

  • By EOY 2023 – 250 Network Leaders

  • By EOY 2023 – 5000 people in FAM – DCN’s Online Community

  • 30 Nations Involved

  • 1,000 people involved in Movement System (DCN’s Discipleship Process)

Results and

  • 11 Networks Launched, 70+ churches and planters connected in Networks

  • 8 Church planters trained

  • 500+ in digital community/relationship