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Building Evangelism Confidence With Digital Tools

Logos Bible Software Can Help Increase Evangelist Confidence and Mission Effectiveness

November 21, 2022

By Nathan "Chivo" Hawkins

“What are you doing with a software company?”

My background in church planting and Christian ministry raises this question consistently around my work at Faithlife and it’s a good one. When I explain why, people lean in. 

Our mission: equip the church for ministry.

As leaders in the Church, our mission is to equip the Church for ministry (Eph 4:12).

We are all competing with Google, YouTube, Tik Tok, and other digital platforms to be the source people look to for answers about Jesus, Christianity, and life’s other burning questions. One reason deconstruction is such a big deal right now is that many of us are unmoored from Christian tradition and the majority of us are overwhelmingly biblically illiterate. 

We’re asking profound questions (which is good and healthy!), not realizing that the Church has wrestled with complexities for millennia.  Ecclesiastes reminds us there is nothing new under the sun.  Contexts change and our understanding can deepen yet rarely (if ever) are we the first people to wrestle with whatever topic is perplexing us. Using digital tools helps us access information that can help connect us to the thought processes and theology of those saints who have come before us. 

These questions that we ask and answers we seek have a profound impact on our ability to share the gospel.

In my experience, most Christians are reluctant to have evangelistic conversations.  Even fewer are intentional about discipling others in the Way of Jesus.  Despite best intentions and our efforts as leaders, we are not helping ourselves let alone others learn to become more like Jesus.  

Why are we reluctant to share the gospel?

Why this evangelistic reluctance? Fear. 

People are often scared to have theological conversations not because of concern for offense, but rather because they do not want their own ignorance or hypocrisy to be exposed. 

We can mitigate this fear by empowering everyday missionaries with the wealth of knowledge our rich Christian tradition is built upon.  None of us have all the answers, leaders simply know where to look.  

At the end of the day, I joined the Logos team because I recognize Logos as an important tool for discipleship. Logos’ mission is to equip the Church to grow in the light of the Bible. Logos digitally illuminates the path to answers, with resources curated by and for the Church. 

Deeper knowledge leads to increased capacity for evangelism.

As a pastor, church planter, and father, I get excited about helping people understand the Bible and Christian theology, and Logos is a phenomenal way to quickly access profound theological insights. It has proven to be an incredibly powerful and helpful tool, so I am excited to share it with others. I see my role as an important one that helps equip pastors, leaders, and everyday missionaries for the work of evangelism. 

When we know we have access to answers about our neighbors’ pressing questions at our fingertips, we become more confident in engaging others in conversations.

Robust digital tools often develop a reputation for complexity that results in far too few pastors sharing these platforms with their communities. We run into that at Logos. Fans of our platform are often scholars and teachers who have yet to consider Logos’ utility for everyday Christians as an alternative to Google for theological questions. I love getting to dispel this myth – Bible study and access to deeper levels of theological training are available to everyone. 

We’re thankful for the opportunity to provide the Logos basic platform for free and offers many opportunities for users to invest in additional content and learning pathways that make sense over time. Logos simplifies and accelerates theological learning by leveraging technology.   

Logos has been faithfully serving the church since before our second biggest competitor (Amazon) existed. One of the things I love most about the latest version of Logos is how accessible and intuitive it is.  With numerous integrated guides and millions of helpful links, Logos is a digital tool for everyone and can help everyone become more effective in understanding and sharing the gospel. 

As the pace of change in our world continues to accelerate it is important that Christians and churches embrace technologies and tools that help us become more effective evangelists. These things are gifts from God that we can all leverage for the Kingdom.

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Nathan, aka “Chivo,” Hawkins works with Faithlife, partnering with organizations and ministries at the intersection of the Bible and technology. Previously Chivo was a Church Planting Executive for Stadia, served with Compassion and Agros International, connecting churches around the world for discipleship and community development.

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