Discipleship Workshop


We’ll explore what it takes to make and release disciples – from discipling relationships and discipleship as a lifestyle to reproducing disciples and proven discipleship models.

Biblical Foundation for Relationship: What Is Spiritual Maturity and How Are You Defining It?
 How are you measuring spiritual maturity?
 Does your definition center on real relationship with God and His people?
 How do you help your people move from “head” knowledge to “heart” and “hands” experience?
 What does it mean to biblically “fight” for relationship?
The format for this workshop will be a panel discussion followed by table discussions, where we will answer these questions and more.
Speakers: Jim Putman, Brandon Bowers, and Luke Yetter

The Gospel Gap
The Gospel we believe determines the disciples we make. The de facto gospel that dominates worldwide separates salvation from discipleship. This separation is a huge mistake that almost ensures that the vast majority of Christians will opt out of a serious life in Christ. If you want to get to the bottom of this problem as to why so many Christians are making so little of a difference, we hope you will join us in this session. We are so in love with our salvation, we have indulged ourselves to the point that we have no time or energy left to replicate or multiply the gospel. This gap is only closed when discipleship in Christ becomes a natural part of what it means to be saved.
Speakers: Bill Hull and Denny Heiberg

Revival Starts Here
The best biblical teaching is that disciple making begins with prayer and fasting. Shodankeh and Dave will describe how establish the practices today and how it will empower a disciple-making church and disciple-making movements.
Speakers: Shodankeh Johnson and Dave Clayton

Intentional Leader: Scouting, Recruiting and Developing an Army of Disciple Makers
 How do you intentionally build a team of disciple makers? What are some of the challenges and the successes?
 As Leaders, how are you currently investing your time and energy – prioritizing people and tasks?
 What are your roles and responsibilities as church leaders?
 What are some essential steps for a coach when equipping and raising up disciples of Jesus with purpose and vision?
The format for this workshop will be a panel discussion followed by table discussions, where we will answer these questions and more.
Speakers: Jim Putman, Bob Reed, and Luke Yetter

The Clarity Gap
When speaking of making disciples, you get as many versions of what that means as there were languages at the tower of Babel. This confusion, however, is not of God, and has not been initiated by God. Jesus was very clear as to what a disciple is; it is right in front of us as we read the gospels. Despite Christ’s clear description, ambiguity reigns in many a congregation as to how to make disciples. If you don’t have clarity on this issue, your efforts will be thwarted. Before a disciple can be made, there needs to be enough specificity to create environments, covenants, relationships, and the actual traits and skills necessary to make a disciple. We are not just making a disciple that can be effective and useful during religious meetings, but someone who can be activated in the culture as a faithful witness of Christ. Let’s get clear.
Speakers: Bill Hull and Jim Thomas

Rock Solid Theology from 1 to 4,500 People
Corey will talk about how a church can grow, reproduce, and be welcoming to the most marginalized people while still holding strong to biblical integrity. He will talk about personal culture that leads to a healthy church culture that results in a strong discipleship culture.
Speaker: Corey Trimble

Relational Environments: Mature Disciples Are Made in Real Relational Environments
 How do you set the DNA of a disciple-making environment?
 How does a leader go about creating a relational environment that is still intentional about making disciples of Jesus?
 What strengthens and hurts a relational environment?
 What are some practical “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to creating an effective relational environment?
The format for this workshop will be a panel discussion followed by table discussions, where we will answer these questions and more.
Speakers: Brandon Guindon and Luke Yetter

The Tribal Gap
Tribes are not only genetic, they are cultural, geographical, economic, and for our purposes, theological. It is only natural to feel the most comfortable with others who think, look, talk, eat, and play just like you in places that are familiar. One only need to read the exciting and tumultuous narrative The Acts of the Apostles to see that the Gospel challenges these tribal tendencies. The early church faced some very painful transitions and often they stubbornly resisted such changes. Disciple making is meant for all peoples, the gospel is to be spread to every person and culture, regardless of tribal differences. The Disciple Making Movement is required to break out of its cultural compartments and be as intentional as the Holy Spirit was to send Peter to the house of Cornelius, and Paul to the lakeside in Philippi. We tend to be tribal in our theology, with regard to race, gender, language, and nations. If we plan to make disciples and create movements in the United States and beyond, we must intentionally close the gap. No matter your tribal affiliations, join the conversation.
Speakers: Cindy Perkins and Carmelita Boyce

Making Biblical Disciples and Planting Biblical Churches Today
The role of the Bible in disciple making and church planting. Brett will share what he has learned as one of the founders of Exponential and the lead pastor of one of America’s most successful church planting churches.
Speaker: Brett Andrews

Reproducible Disciple-Making Process: My Part, Their Part, God’s Part
 How do you raise up an army of disciple makers who understand their part in making disciples of Jesus?
 What did Jesus do with His disciples that are reproducible today?
 How do you draw out a clear disciple making process that is understandable, teachable and reproducible?
The format for this workshop will be a panel discussion followed by table discussions, where we will answer these questions and more.
Speakers: Jim Putman and Luke Yetter

The Replication/Multiplication Gap
This could be the hardest problem we face. The truth is that very few pastors or highly powered Christian leaders are very good at multiplication. You may be getting tired of hearing the phrase, “Make disciples who make disciples who make disciples ad infinitum.” Sounds great, doesn’t it? Sure does, but do you know anyone who is actually doing it? When Jesus said make disciples, obviously he meant more disciples, he meant new disciples, he meant many more and many new disciples. How else can you reach all nations? But how does this work? It requires that people you disciple, in turn, are able to replicate and their disciples replicate, not just a program, but a life. We celebrate when we can get people in our group to start their own group, and we should. But that won’t close the gap, it won’t fulfill the great commission, it won’t start a movement. Let us talk about it.
Speakers: Bill Hull and Cindy Perkins

How to Use Discovery Bible Study
Shodankeh describes Discovery Bible Study (DBS), how it works, how it is leading to thousands of conversions, and all the places that it is used.
Speakers: Shodankeh Johnson and Bobby Harrington

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