Making Diversity a Reality in Your Church Plant

Multi-ethnic church planter Ron Dotzler offers practical steps to help planters embrace and model diversity

December 8, 2016

In this training video from Exponential East 2016, multi-ethnic church planter Ron Dotzler explores how to move from thinking about diversity to making diversity a reality. Sharing his own experiences of planting multi-ethnic churches and the challenges to a multi-ethnic marriage, Dotzler offers practical steps to help you place greater emphasis on diversity both in your church and your relationships.

Key Highlights About Diversity:

  • Why diversity must be a value to become a reality in your life and church
  • Why the value of diversity must be lived out and expressed
  • Communicating the need for diversity in your church
  • Building a church culture that attracts diversity

Join us at Exponential East 2017, where we’ll continue the discussion on making diversity a reality in church planting.

In 1988 Ron Dotzler and his wife, Twany, moved into the inner-city community of north Omaha and founded Abide, a 501(c)3 non-profit inner-city mission. Ron is a pastor, author, and entrepreneur, as well as founder and chairman of ABIDE and founding pastor of Bridge Church. As a biracial couple, Ron and Twany have 14 children. God has used the couple to build a powerful inner-city mission and to plant six churches, all while thriving in their marriage and family.

Ron Dotzler

Ron Dotzler

For 8 years out of college, Ron worked as a successful Chemical Engineer in the computer industry. In 1988 he, his wife Twany, and their family moved into the inner city community of north Omaha and founded ABIDE, a 501(c)3 non-profit inner city mission. Ron is Pastor, Author, Entrepreneur, Founder and Chairman of ABIDE and the Founding Pastor of Bridge Church. God has used Ron and Twany to reach, raise and release over 150 emerging leaders, facilitate in the start-up of 28 non-profit ministries as well as several new church plants. As a biracial couple, Ron and Twany have 14 children. Their favorite scripture verse is, "be fruitful and multiply"! God has used Ron and Twany to build a powerful church and dynamic inner city mission. Ron has served as a coach and consultant to many churches and non-profit ministries on a local, national and global basis. Ron's passion is to see "a beautiful church transforming a broken world"! To stay up-to-date on Ron's books, Out of the Seats and into the Streets and Church Different: Unleashing the Church to Change the World, or to request Ron as a speaker or consultant, please email or visit
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