Emerging Leader Cohort Application

Purpose : This application is for young, emerging leaders (typically under 40) who are seeking to participate in the Exponential Multiplier Learning Community. Participation is by invitation only via a sponsoring leader who is connected with Exponential. The process is highly competitive and limited. The application process is used to ensure the 7-month journey is a strong compatibility fit for applicants.

Instructions :
1. The leader seeking to participate in the Learning Community should complete the application.
2. The transformative impact of these peer-to-peer groups is largely based on the compatibility of the participants in the group. As you complete the questions, please be as candid as possible to help us assess your compatibility.
3. Be as complete, yet concise, as possible. If you can say something in 25 words, don’t use 500. If you need 500 words, use them.

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