Emotionally Healthy Leadership Workshop


Leadership can be a difficult place. Learn from leaders who have navigated the challenges, including team building, leadership development, casting vision and more.

Session 1: Emotionally Healthy Discipleship — A Strategy to Multiply Deeply Changed Disciples and Leaders
In this Session, Pete will describe the history and theological underpinnings of EH Discipleship out of its development over a 23-year period. He will then lay out the process, along with the nuances, of how to take your first steps to implement this in your unique context.
Speaker: Pete Scazzero

Session 2: Leading out of an Emotionally Healthy Marriage
We are not leaders who happen to be married. God calls us to actually lead out of our marriages as a sign and wonder. Pete and Geri will address this radical paradigm shift, equipping us to embrace our marriages as a gift that point to Jesus and become our loudest gospel message we offer the church and the world. Finally, they will talk briefly about how emotional connection and a passionate sexuality are the heart of a biblical marital spirituality that reflects the love of Christ.
Speakers: Pete Scazzero and Geri Scazzero

Session 3: The Emotionally Healthy Leader
Pete will provide an overview of the four pillars that must be in place to develop emotionally healthy leaders — 1. Face Your Shadow; 2. Lead out of Your Marriage/Singleness; 3. Slow Down for Loving Union; and 4. Practice Sabbath Delight. He will then talk about how this transforms church cultures and builds teams that have the depth and power to sustain long-term multiplication for Christ.
Speaker: Pete Scazzero

Session 4: The Emotionally Healthy Church Planter
Hear the personal journey of a pastor whose family history, proneness to depression, and pressures of ministry have often led to a journey for God without God — and how a discipleship that goes beneath the surface changed his personal trajectory — and multiplication strategy — forever.
Speaker: Drew Hyun

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