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Evangelism From a GenZ Perspective

February 20, 2023

By Madison Burnette

GenZ is complicated in more ways than one. We are often misunderstood. When it comes to evangelism, GenZers can’t seem to make up their minds: are we on fire for the gospel or is evangelism politically incorrect?

GenZ’s indecisive mindset is both hurtful and helpful. On the one hand, GenZ is the most radical generation I have ever seen. The renewal and refreshment that is so evident in our hearts is inspiring. On the other hand, we have a compassion and understanding for people of all kinds that could only be described as special. Our dream of unity and inclusion sometimes inhibits our desire to evangelize.

That brings us to a key question in this discussion: what is evangelism from a GenZ perspective?

The term “evangelism” has a sort of negative connotation in the minds of GenZers because of mixed emotions. GenZ desires to find a balance between sharing the good news just by living and preaching in the streets with megaphones and holding revival services under tents. We recognize that we have a wide range of people to reach for God and we do not want to do anything that could harm our ability to do so.

This age of technology and social media has both helped and hindered GenZ’s evangelism. Yes, we have an easily accessible and large platform on which to share Jesus. However, cancel culture is a beast that prowls, constantly looking for a new victim to ruin.

GenZ has more obstacles to overcome than any previous generation…

GenZ has more obstacles to overcome than any previous generation because the obstacles of the previous generation continue to linger as new obstacles appear. However, there is a desire like no other to defy norms and combat those obstacles like never before.

We should have confidence in GenZ because God does!

GenZers are rising up and speaking out. We are not okay with sitting back and listening to things we know are wrong. We are headstrong and can use that for the gospel’s advantage.

GenZers are also scared to speak out in fear of being canceled, rejected, or offending someone. We grew up in a “participation award” era that values fairness over reality. This has led to a severe fear of failure.

This mindset promotes a self-centeredness that justifies protecting one’s own reputation over sharing the good news. It’s time to stand firm in Christ and not allow wishy-washiness to overtake our calling to evangelize. We must have boldness and courage from Christ to tell the Truth through the fear of the unknown. God is always with us!

Something I wish GenZ knew is that it is our calling be the Church. Wherever we are, whatever we do, we must be the capital “C” Church on mission for God. This truth has the potential to change evangelism as we know it. What would it look like for GenZ to be the Church? Imagine what could happen!

The role of the Church in the lives of GenZ is vital.

That is a statement that is said quite often but is not always acted upon. Church is what can and should revive evangelism into a thriving blossom. Watering seeds does not only involve the lost but also the people in our own congregations. Making disciples who make disciples is a key part of evangelism because they are those who faithfully share with the lost.

So, from a GenZer to the Church, here are some practical ways you can lead and guide us well in terms of evangelism:

So, from a GenZer to the Church, here are some practical ways you can lead and guide us well in terms of evangelism:

  • We need help learning how to know our audience. Something as simple as knowing our audience when we evangelize can change the entire direction of the conversation. We as the Church need to prioritize preparation when it comes to practicing evangelism.
  • Teach us how to rely on the Holy Spirit. Evangelism should always begin and end with prayer, but GenZ has a tendency to rely on our own strength to do things. We need a reminder to have complete dependence on God.
  • Be careful not to overemphasize international missions and underemphasize local missions.
  • Many GenZers use the fact that they do not have a relationship with someone as an excuse to not share the gospel with them. We need training on sharing the gospel with our closest friends and complete strangers.

Things may look dark out there in the world, but the light will always prevail. It brings me comfort knowing that those who choose to step out in faith and speak the Truth may be persecuted on earth but will be rewarded in heaven. God’s will always prevails because his sovereignty is greater than any scheme of man, including cancel culture.

Evangelism is anything but a lost cause and GenZ is a huge part of that.

Don’t count us out – our perspective is not only unique but necessary to effective evangelism. We bring something unique to the table that can help everyone gain a better understanding of our generation and others. This is a call to the generations to work together to build a system for evangelism that utilizes perspectives from all generations to make something beautiful for the Kingdom!

Don’t count us out – our perspective is not only unique but necessary to effective evangelism.

Madison Burnette is a current senior Bible and Theology major at Carson-Newman University in Jefferson City, TN. She is a Nashville native who aspires to write blogs, Bible studies, devotionals, and curriculum as a form of ministry. Madison is also a Content Team intern with Exponential. Her current favorite Scripture is 2 Corinthians 5:14-21. Check her out on her blog.

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