Evangelism Workshop


From preaching to equipping your church, we’ll focus on how we communicate the gospel to the unchurched with both our words and actions.

Joy-Fueled Evangelism
Studies reveal that 95% of all Christians have not shared their faith in the past year. Sadly, experiences with awkwardness and discomfort keep many Christians from witnessing. While our relationship with Jesus was always meant to be personal, it was never meant to be private. In this workshop you will learn simple and easy-to-use truths that’ll help you model and train others to share their faith in a loving, gentle and hope-inspiring way.
Speaker: Ron Dotzler

The Changing Face of Evangelism and the Well-Being of the City
As our culture radically changes, old forms of evangelism can create an obstacle to the gospel — for the church planter, missional leader, and marketplace Christian alike. Studies suggest that the general state of evangelism today is weak among followers of Jesus. An increasing number of pastors, leaders and church-planters have seen the need to bring good and effective evangelism thought, theology, tools and motivation more broadly to the Church. Picture a growing movement in church after church of Jesus’ followers engaging in spiritual conversations regularly with non-believers where we live, work, learn and play! The Changing Face of Evangelism and the Well-Being of the City focuses on motivation, theology, tools and training for conversational and comprehensive evangelism. This evangelism training is comprised of interactive sessions, experiential learning and self-discovery.
Speakers: Dave Robinson and Amy Karst

Taking Jesus to the Streets: Impacting Your Community with the Gospel
Church planting and community engagement go hand in hand. When a team commits to planting a church in a specific neighborhood, they come with a dream and plan to bring Jesus to the streets. Unfortunately, a missional strategy can be quickly sidelined if fail to align with God’s redemptive plan. This workshop will teach you how to uncover where God is already working in a particular place, how to partner well with leaders in the community, and give you steps to develop a comprehensive, sustainable plan for hope and healing that addresses the brokenness and pain of your neighborhood.
Speaker: Deb Walkemeyer

Cultural Transformation for Awakening
Transforming culture to see revival in your city and beyond.
Speaker: Dave Clayton

How to Reach Thousands of New People in Your Community
Is your church looking for creative ways to reach new people, get your church more involved in serving and engage millennials? This session will address those 3 major pain points most of us struggle with. You’ll learn how to become better neighbors as Tommy shares some incredible things that have come from his church’s “Love Our City” movement. This campaign engaged over 80% of his church to serve thousands in their community through dozens of projects that led to over a hundred salvations and baptisms in the weeks following. Plus … they learned how to raise most of the project money through corporate sponsors!
Speaker: Tommy Kyllonen

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