Washington DC // September 12-13, 2016

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Exponential Regionals are designed to make the main stage programming at our national events in Orlando and Los Angeles more accessible to church leaders in local geographic areas. These gatherings are for leaders who are unable to attend our national events OR need a more affordable option to bring their entire team. These regional gatherings are more intimate and include breakout conversations to help unpack the main session content in more detail. These events are shorter in length than our national events to help leaders save on travel expenses BUT are still filled with the full punch of the national event theme. These gatherings include 5 main sessions and 4 conversation breakouts.

Join hundreds of leaders for inspiration, encouragement and equipping at Exponential’s Washington DC Regional church planting conference in Chantilly, VA. Register early as space is limited at these smaller, more intimate gatherings.


Becoming Five continues a conversation started in our 2015 theme Spark: Igniting a Culture of Multiplication. Think of Becoming Five as a sequel of sorts that drills down into more detail focusing on how we can each play our part in moving the needle on church multiplication. At Exponential Washington DC, we’ll roll up our sleeves and look practically at how leaders create healthy multiplication cultures. How do we confront and embrace the tensions that come as we’re trying to establish and develop healthy and powerfully aligned cultures that take churches from where they are to what we’re calling Level 5 multiplying churches?

At Exponential, we dream about closing the gap between our aspirations for multiplication and our actual behaviors. What will it look like to hit a tipping point where multiplication becomes mainstream and evolves into the new normal that leaders aspire to and pursue. To close the gap between our aspirations and our current paradigms, we need to look hard at our motives, our measures, and our methods. Are these elements rooted in a core value of multiplication? How do we put to death our human passion for addition-growth, opting instead for a healthier Kingdom-growth focused on multiplication?

Courageous leaders discover and acknowledge the gap between aspiration and practice AND act to do something about it. This Becoming Five theme is a manifesto of sorts that we believe will help us define a practical vocabulary and framework that courageous leaders like you can rally behind and grab onto as you seek to close the gap between your aspirations for multiplication and the strong tensions that constrain you to addition-growth thinking. To read more about this year’s theme, you can download the free eBook, Becoming a Level Five Multiplying Church.

Journey with hundreds of other leaders to explore: What would it take to face and overcome the tensions that are keeping you from living out a better scorecard rooted in multiplication?

Pre-conference Sessions

Pre-Conference Sessions are approximately 4 hours in length, before the main conference begins.  These training sessions are practical nuts and bolts type content aimed at helping attendees put information into practice.


Main Sessions

Session 1

The opening session introduces the 5 levels of multiplication addressed in the theme book Becoming a Level Five Multiplying Church. Leaders will be challenged with: “What level of multiplication is your church experiencing (reality check), and where do you honestly want to go (aspirational dream)? Are you ready to take on the challenge of being a level four or a level five multiplying church?” This session will issue the challenge that to fulfill the Great Commission, we need churches committed to the journey of answering the question: What will it take for us to move from Level Three to Four or Five?

Session 2

We’ll turn our attention to the specific tensions of multiplication that leaders face. The Tension of Motives deals with vision and values and is best answered in the pre-launch phase by deciding, “Is the plan for this new church to focus on HERE (this church) vs THERE (the next church)?” If leaders are serious about being a reproducing, multiplying and movement-making church, then the church they lead will start here but will need to go there. All leaders live in the tension between being here and there, with almost everything pulling them toward here. Having as many (or more) “growing there” strategies compared with “growing here” strategies is essential in giving us momentum towards Level Five. Movement-making churches (5’s) focus on there.

Session 3

Once you resolve the tension of motives (Session 2), you will continually face the tension of measurement. Will you be only about growing your church or will you also be about sending? Tension of Measurement deals less with “What do we want to do?” and more with “What are we doing?” This is an ongoing struggle for the life of a church between GROWING vs SENDING. Level 5 churches are focused on sending as much as growing. We will never see a level 5 movement-making church in the United States until we are as passionate about sending as we are about growing.

Session 4

In this session, we’ll explore three specific multiplication tensions that center on actual execution and the difficult decisions leaders will have to address and resolve: security vs. uncertainty, finances, and relaxing vs. risk taking.

Session 5

Session 5 will pull together everything we’ve been learning, leading us back to what we need to do to be a multiplying church and start movements. As always, in every Exponential closing session, we’ll challenge planters:

Will you be a multiplying church?
What will it take for you to become a Level 4 or 5 church?
Will you commit to becoming a movement-making church?

The session will end with the commissioning of leaders and reinforce that although tensions are an ever-present part of multiplication for every leader who battles these tensions, we have an ever-present Savior who has said that the gates of Hell will not prevail against His church. We’ll look closely at what it means to have an ever-present Savior in the midst of tension.



Less than 40 registrations remaining at this price!



Airport Information

The closest airport is WASHINGTON DULLES Airport (airport code = IAD). IAD is less than eight miles from the conference location.

Other airport options include RONALD REAGAN (DCA), or BALTIMORE/WASHINGTON International Airport (BWI).


Hotel Options

  • Westfields Marriott 14750 Conference Center Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151
    (703) 818-0300
  • Staybridge Suites 3860 Centerview Dr, Chantilly, VA 20151
    (703) 435-8090
  • Holiday Inn 4335 Chantilly Shopping Center, Chantilly, VA 20151
    (877) 834-3613
  • Fairfield Marriott 3960 Corsair Court Chantilly, Virginia 20151 USA
    Phone: 1-703-435-1111
    Shuttle service available to conference location
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