Exponential 2018 Hero Maker

National Conference in Orlando


This year has been an incredible year at Exponential and it is just getting started! The 2018 Hero Maker theme is striking a nerve with a lot of people – the national conference in Orlando sold out more than 1 month before the conference. If you weren’t able to attend though, we have good news. In addition to 5 regional conferences this fall that bring the main stage experience closer to home, we’ve put together a recap below of the highlights. You will not want to miss this year’s theme! The lowest rates ($79 for individuals & $649 for a group of 10) expire after Friday, March 29th), click here to learn more about regional conferences.

Session 1

Albert Tate challenged us to think God’s Kingdom vs. our kingdom. Andy Stanley helped us think about Jesus’ words to His disciples in John 14:12-14 (“that you will do even greater things”) means for us today as hero makers.

Are you living for your resume or for your eulogy? – Albert Tate

Session 2

To be hero makers, we must shift from seeing what God can do through our leadership to seeing what God can do through other leaders. In his scary-smart way, Ed Stetzer shared recent multiplication findings for top church-planting churches and its implications for us. Carey Nieuwhof unpacked Jesus’ words in His Great Commission (Matthew 28), looking at what He really meant when He said, “All authority has been given to you.” Finally,  inner-city ministry leader and Pastor Harvey Carey issued a powerful hero-making challenge.

You may not be a giant killer but is there someone in your midst who God has prepared and just needs permission. – Harvey Carey

Session 3

The practice of disciple multiplying is a shift from sharing what you’ve learned to “add” people to your attendance count to sharing what you’ve learned in ways that multiply disciples to the fourth generation. D.A. Horton dropped the mic—showing us why Jesus modeled and called us to life-on-life apprenticeship. And then global ministry leader (he has a team of 7,000) Jossy Chacko took us on a journey of what being a world-changing disciple multiplier looks like.

Maturity is not measured by titles or degrees. Maturity is measured only by depth of love for the master. – Jossy Chacko

Session 4

We focused on the fourth practice of hero making—gift activating and a shift from asking God to bless the use of our gifts to asking God to bless the leaders we’re sending out. Jodi Hickerson took us to school and taught us a theology of sending. Atlanta pastor and former NFL player (New Orleans Saints) Leonce Crump gave us a powerful reminder that inside every believer is a gift that’s waiting to be activated for ministry. And Nairobi Chapel leader Oscar Muriu did what he does so well—challenging us to intentionally identify the gifts in others.

A spiritual father allows their son to find their unique voice. – Oscar Muriu

Session 5

We witnessed the insights and wisdom of international ministry leader Sam Stephens on Kingdom building—the fifth essential practice of hero making. Sam leads an organization that unites more than 90,000 indigenous churches throughout India. Danielle Strickland closed us out, encouraging us that when we become hero makers, our lives and churches become the epicenter of movement focused on the world we’re trying to reach!

The church is not a place to be entertained. It is a place to be equipped, enabled to go and do the mission of God. – Sam Stephens


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