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July 21, 2020

By Todd Wilson

When we began planning our 2020 theme Together on unity and collaboration two years ago, we had no idea the depth of division that would exist in our nation today. It sure looks now like God walked ahead of us and led us down this theme programming path ‘for such a time as this’!”

We also did not anticipate the opportunity to put in place something in the coming months that we were initially thinking would take several years to implement. As Dave Ferguson, my fellow Exponential co-founder put it: “Unprecedented crises—including COVID-19 and the recent spotlights on disunity and racial divides—have actually been catalysts for us to expedite two major shifts for Exponential and the church multiplication community in the fall of 2020.”

So, we are in the midst of a great shift from 6 regional events with 4,000 leaders to 100+ Roundtable events with 10,000+ leaders​, and a shift in the emphasis of the collaboration conversation to focus on healthy discussions of unity and race​.

Our fall Roundtables will be accompanied by an extensive library of online resources, which our community can use with their staff teams, for personal use, or at the actual Roundtable events.​

So… We Need Your Input!

It is important that we include resources that help foster healthy, engaging conversations about unity and race. We want to know the resources, speakers and authors that our community with a common cause is finding helpful in life and leadership.

Please email us ( with any suggestions you have to further church multiplication through the emphasis of healthy conversations on unity and race. The types of resources are we are looking for are (please include a web link):

  • Books
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Blog posts / articles
  • Names of specific people who you value his or her voice on this topic

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