Exponential Adds New York City as Regional Event

December 5-6, 2018 Event Features Diverse Lineup of Speakers Including Tim Keller

June 14, 2018

New York City Regional Announced

I’m excited to announce that we’re bringing an Exponential Regional event to New York City this fall, December 5-6. We’ll be welcoming best-selling author, scholar and leadership multiplier Tim Keller along with a diverse lineup of nine other keynote speakers.

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This new event is designed to help accelerate and pour gas on the great work that is already being done by so many organizations and leaders in the New York City area. The theme “Hero Maker” is a critical message in helping shape the personal scorecards of church leaders who will steward the future of healthy multiplication in the NYC metro area.

Drew Hyun is one of those leaders. Drew is a church planter and 16-year veteran of serving in the trenches in New York City. He is passionate about multiplication and the New York City area.

Owning the Vision

I was recently having dinner with Drew when he said, “We must bring an Exponential Regional to New York!”  Within 30 minutes of dreaming together, nearly every detail had come together to transform the idea into a reality. Three things made it clear we needed to move forward:

  • First, God is in it. The list of details and logistics that have to all align to make this scope of thing happen simply don’t come together in 30 minutes unless God’s in it. God has been at work for many years stirring the hearts of a growing number of leaders to see a movement in the New York City area.
  • Second, the motives are right.  Drew shared his passion and burden to see multiplication become a normal part of the scorecard of success for churches in the region. We share this passion. Also, New York has been one of our strategic priorities for doors to be opened.
  • Third, and most subtle but hugely important… the initiative needs to be owned by local, indigenous leaders.  When Drew said, “We must bring…”, he was OWNING it.  He wasn’t suggesting Exponential do something that he and other leaders could simply participate in.  Instead, he was saying “WE” as in the collective “WE” in the New York City area need this and want to run with it. Exponential loves to come alongside and pour gas on what God is already doing through others.  We want to be in a position of saying, “YOU can do it, how can we help?”  Drew quickly got others onboard, including Tim Keller and other key leaders from Redeemer City to City.

This two-day regional gathering will deliver the full impact of all five main sessions from Exponential’s annual national conference in Orlando. We’ve intentionally made these gatherings extremely accessible, especially to teams. Teams save on airfare, and because they’re shorter than the national conference, they’re also more manageable. With a group of 10 or more, group registration rates are currently under $70 per person (for a limited time only); individual rates are $109.

The five main sessions feature live worship, 10 speakers, and other creative elements. This 24-hour event runs from 12:30pm December 5 through 12:30pm December 6th. Optional, FREE, equipping labs are offered the morning of December 5 for attendees who register for the main event.

Five Essential Practices

Our 2018 theme “Hero Maker: Daring to Lead a Multiplying Church”, introduced five essential practices for leaders to multiply leaders. This is our first theme in 13 years focused primarily on personal leadership. If we have a church multiplication problem, it starts as a leadership problem.

We must see our personal scorecards be transformed.  We must move from being the heroes of our own stories to becoming the hero-makers of others in God’s unfolding story.

The five essential practices of hero-making include:

  • Multiplication thinking
  • Permission giving
  • Disciple multiplying
  • Gift activating
  • Kingdom building

We continue to see that when these five practices align in a leader, the result or impact is multiplication.

The New York City regional will have limited seating capacity, and we’re expecting it to sell out. So, don’t wait.  Sign up now.

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Other Exponential Regional Cities

Including New York City, Exponential will bring Hero Maker to six cities/areas this fall (Washington DC, Southern California, Bay Area, Houston, Chicago, New York City). For more information and to register for New York City or any of the other five Fall 2018 regional events, you can go to https://exponential.org/2018.

I hope you and your team will join us in New York City or whichever regional location works best for you. I believe that God’s purpose for multiplication is twofold—to advance His Kingdom and to find true fulfillment and joy us as you begin to invest in others and follow His call toward hero making.

I look forward to seeing you and your team on a HeroMaker stop this fall!

Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson

Todd is a Kingdom entrepreneur. He spends the majority of his time starting and working with organizations committed to Kingdom impact and multiplication. Todd is a founding member of Exponential, which organizes and hosts the annual Exponential conference in Orlando and live events throughout the United States and world. Todd serves as President and CEO of Exponential, providing vision and strategic direction to the organization. Todd lives in Durham, NC, with his wife, Anna. They have two sons and two daughters-in-law: Ben & Therese and Chris & Mariah, and an amazing grandson Evan.
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