FCP 16 | Hannah Gronowski Barnett, Generation Distinct

July 20, 2022

We all desire to make a lasting impact, fight for justice and see the world change…but so often we have no idea where to start. 

Here’s the good news. Generation Distinct has a solution.

Generation Distinct equips next generation leaders (18-28) to discover the wrong they were born to make right, leading them to experience who Jesus really is.

They offer a fresh, relevant, and edgy way for a generation skeptical of the Church to encounter Jesus. Young leaders enroll in a Cohort for our online 6-month World Change Strategy Program to create their own custom world change strategy. 

At the end of this 6-month experience, they will be enrolled in our Online Community and invited to our yearly gatherings.

Listen to Episode 16 of the podcast and access the show notes below.

Future Church Insights:

1. Hannah shares how Generation Distinct helps the younger generation tap into their missional power.

In talking with young people, the missing piece they found was the lack of strategy. Generation Distinct found that if they could help pair the passion with a strategy to accomplish those goals that the missional action of this next generation would be unleashed.

2. The biggest tension and challenge for Generation Distinct currently. 

Hannah shares that her organization is primarily volunteer driven as her and another staff member out of 10-11 people are the only ones paid. The biggest hill they are climbing is fundraising and one way they are inviting people to participate is by becoming a Generation Student Advocate. This is someone who wants to invest into the next generation by investing their time, resources, and experience to see them come back to Jesus.

3. Honoring where we’ve come from rather than complaining about it. 

A temptation that every generation faces at some point is the idea that a new generation comes into the church to fix what the older generation didn’t. The danger in this is that we start to think of ourselves as the hero of the story as opposed to our unchanging God. We are simply servants that are showing up in the world to do our best to build the church.

Goals and Desired Outcomes of Generation Distinct

They are currently in the midst of an Initiative called 2023 in 2023. Here are their goals:

  • See 2,023 young leaders go through our program by the end of the year 2023
  • Partner with 50 Churches & Universities by the end of the year 2023
  • See 200 World Change Strategies fully executed by the end of the year 2023



Key Quotes from the episode from Hannah Gronowski Barnett:

“I realized that Jesus actually does care about who he’s made me to be and the passions that he’s placed in my heart. He wants to unleash me to make wrong things right in the world.”

“The most effective ways of building the kingdom take time because nothing is an overnight success. I think a lot of times we can see things that launch, and it can seem like they grew so quick because we didn’t see the 10 years that happened beforehand. The struggle, the dreaming, the building, the fundraising, the hustle all the work that goes into the behind the scenes before that launch takes place. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that good things take time.”

“The scarcity mindset tells us that there’s not enough for all of us, that if someone else is winning then we can’t win because there is only so much goodness in the world. But the abundance mindset says that we can all win because there is enough goodness of God for all of us. It’s not a conflict, it’s a partnership.”

Hannah Gronowski Barnett

Hannah Gronowski Barnett

Hannah Gronowski Barnett, founder and CEO of Generation Distinct, speaker, preacher, and author, has always been wired to abolish cultural complacency, unleash lasting justice, and join the wild adventure Jesus invites us all to live. She is also a profile speaker for The Women’s Speaker Collective and a regular writing contributor for The Global Leadership Summit. Host of The Generation Distinct Podcast and The Hannah Gronowski Leadership YouTube Channel, she has also been recognized by her community with a Leader of Youth Award for her work mentoring teens and serving refugee children through World Relief. Hannah’s latest book, Generation Distinct: Discover the Wrong You Were Born to Make Right, released on September 15, 2020.
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