FCP 20 | Mark Lutz, Reaching the Gaming Community

September 14, 2022


    Our big idea is to reach the gaming community with the love and light of Jesus. Our approach is simple. Reach people where they are. Return to the core devotions of the first church. People are on their phones and computers for hours every day. Lux is a church that exits where they are.

    When we felt called to reach gamers we needed a church without borders, brick and mortar, or timber and steel. Gamers are global and we needed to be global from the start. We realize that every church has hundreds or thousands of Millennials and Gen Z within their immediate area that will never come to a physical church no matter how good the preaching, comfy the seats, or bumping the music. They can only be reached through their digital life.

    We knew we were called to start a digital church in 2019, we told our church leadership in 2020, we went through planting with Stadia and partnered with them, we established the church in the state of PA in early 2021 and held our first live service on March 24th, 2021, at: Twitch.tv/LuxDigitalChurch.

    Listen to Episode 20 of the podcast and access the show notes below.

    Future Church Insights:

    1. The gaming community is a massive harvest opportunity for churches.

    Mark found that gaming created a unique connection to a massive demographic of people who really had been shunned or outcasted by the church. These people had very little interest in the church and Mark found that he was encountered a lot of people that would rather go to Hell than step into the doors of a brick-and-mortar church. Places like Twitch and Discord consistently have over 100 million unique users every single month so it’s safe to say that there is plenty of opportunity to go around.

    2. Deep community and vulnerability forms online in digital church.

    Since March of 2021, Mark has found that even if people don’t show their faces or display their real names, every person represents a soul that is made in the image of Christ. Even despite a popular belief that online relationships lack community, Mark has found that the people that participate in his church are there day after day and week after week engaging and talking deeply about their lives.

    3. The future of church is a hybrid model of both digital and physical.

    Members of the digital church find that they want to go to physical churches after encountering Jesus in their digital space but also, members of physical churches might find more engagement and vulnerability if they also engage in a digital community as well as maintain their physical membership. We need to hold onto a both/and approach, not an either/or.

    Goals and Desired Outcomes: 

    To see a thriving, self-supporting, and multiplying church that impacts thousands of lives digitally and physically with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

    We are specifically targeting the gaming community on Twitch.tv. Twitch averages about 1.5 million unique viewers at any given time and sees about 100 million unique viewers every month. While our church is for gamers, we realize that gamers are multifaceted, and games only occupy an aspect of their lives. We desire to use gaming as an opportunity to speak into other areas of life and allow Jesus to transform every aspect of who they are.

    • Begin a thriving and multiplying digital church.
    • Plant micro site house churches across the globe.
    • Work with Christian streamers and content creators to disciple their already dedicated fans.
    • Form a church without the overhead of facilities to be extravagantly generous.
    • Lead the Church (Big C) is new ways to reach the Post Millennial generations.



    Quotes from Mark Lutz:

    “It is an essential biblical truth that the church is made up of God’s people, not merely the building where they gather. The digital church is an expression of this essential reality.”

    “Using digital tools, we can effectively build relationships, disciple, and care for people who live thousands of miles away. Admittedly, this is a disruption in the way the Church has operated for 1,700+ years. But we believe that, by making an intentional departure from the current, Sunday- centric model of the physical church, we can evangelize and disciple an unreached demographic in a way that is equally faithful to the Great Commission.”

    “The digital church can successfully achieve all of the core functions that mark any effective, healthy church.”

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