FCP 21 | Myron Pierce, Mission Church

September 28, 2022


    Our macro vision as an inner-city church is to saturate every inner city with diverse hope filled churches.

    Our missional venture, “Shift” is an entrepreneurial incubator designed to impact the inner city by shifting the mindset of the inner city into an entrepreneurial mindset. This allows us to elevate the water mark of impact in the inner city and leave a hope filled footprint in the lives of the underdog.

    • 2019 Beta Test
    • 2020 Launched
    • 2021 Currently going
    • 2022 Scale
    • 2025 Multiply in inner cities across North America

    Listen to Episode 21 of the podcast and access the show notes below.

    Future Church Insights:

    1. Myron shares what an entrepreneurial incubator is.

    One thing that is overwhelmingly true is that there is a cycle in inner cities of poverty, crime, and justice systems as well as structures that are designed to regurgitate the paradigm of brokenness. One of the fastest and most missional ways to do justice and make disciples is through creating an entrepreneurial incubator. If that’s a problem in the community, they will come alongside you for 16 weeks plus to help people shift into an entrepreneurial mindset. When people learn the idea of ownership, they create legacy and opportunity in their communities under the banner of unity.

    2. Why it’s important for people in a community to hear and work with people that look like them.  

    Because of Myron’s unique background and story, anytime he runs into someone who struggles with drugs, gang involvement, or other delinquent behavior, he can sympathize but also call that person to more. Since Myron overcame that life, he now shatters every justification they have for not moving forward. That’s the power of what Jesus would tell His disciples when saying to find those people of peace.

    3. The biggest obstacle facing Shift Omaha right now. 

    The mindset of members of these communities is something that will take a long time to overcome. There is an undercurrent of jealousy and hatred that is ingrained in some people’s minds where one person’s success represents a detriment to their own chances of success. In the African American communities, this response comes from generations of trauma and oppression ingrained since the inception of the country, so this isn’t entirely their fault, but nonetheless, it’s a hindrance that is holding people back from accomplishing what they want. We need to learn how to celebrate one another if we’re going to overcome this scarcity mindset about success.

    Goals and Desired Outcomes: 

    Their mission field is black and brown inner city residents ages 18-45 who have been incarcerated, poverty stricken, against the odds, and hopeless.

    • Shift 10% of North Omaha into an entrepreneurial mindset 
    • Launch 2,500 businesses in North Omaha by 2030
    • Assimilate graduates back into our missional venture



    Quotes from Myron Pierce:

    “You’ve heard people say, ‘Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.’ But that’s incomplete. We actually have to show them how to own the pond.”

    “A key reason that a lot of mission organizations, nonprofits, and even businesses or even those who are outside of the community don’t make the jump towards riveting scalable influence and impact is because they desire to be the people of peace rather than finding the people of peace that can get the job done in that specific community.” 

    “Are you thinking about your business 20 years out? Because if you’re not, you’re already failing. Any great upset is going to take awhile so we need to be able to have a long-term type of approach to what we’re doing.”

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