FCP 27 | Susan Freese, All In Ministries International

May 17, 2023


    All In Ministries International is all about serving women worldwide who have never heard they are loved, valued, or have a divine purpose.

    In the “majority world,” women make up 80-90% of the churches, yet discipleship training is limited or nonexistent for women. Cultural restrictions or other mission goals keep leaders from investing in women. Yet, in many cultures, women are “keepers of religion.” Because no one is “teaching them to obey all of (Jesus’s) commands” (Matt. 28:20), women return to ancient customs and do not fulfill their part in the body of Christ.

    In 2011, Susan Freese (now founder & president) received a call from her missions pastor asking her to create a two-day conference for women in India. Ninety minutes after the call, the training curriculum was complete. She describes it as a “spiritual download.” Indian women walked for hours, took long train journeys, slept on concrete floors, and endured physical abuse to learn more about Jesus. Within days after the conference, women reached their Hindu villages with the gospel and started Bible study gatherings. As soon as Susan’s flight from India landed in Newark, she received an email inviting her to take the conference to South Africa. All In Ministries was born a year later (2012) and has now served 18 countries and equipped nearly 10,000 believers.

    They work with missionaries and church leaders to offer three-day intensive disciple-making workshops/conferences with practical application and immediate action steps, including distributing UPG lists and our award-winning follow-up Bible study (released March 2021). Women learn God’s grand story, and their part and purpose in it. They learn how to abide in Jesus daily, study the Bible in a group weekly, commune with God in prayer consistently, and depend on the Holy Spirit to serve their church and share Jesus. Local leaders help lead the conference, and we create long-lasting relationships by coaching in-country leaders. Women are changed as disciples of Jesus and bring change to their families and communities—all for God’s glory alone.

    Listen to Episode 28 of the podcast and access the show notes below.

    Future Church Insights: 

    1. The unintentional beginning of All In Ministries International. 

    In 2011, Susan was asked to create a 2-day women’s conference to serve the women of a church in India. Originally she was hesitant due to the last minute nature of the request but she was determined to serve however best she could through this experience. Over the course of those few days, she saw women who in various cultures were told that they have a place in the body of Christ, and it was through this transformative experience that All In Ministries International was born.

    2. How to mobilize women to be disciples. 

    There is a global crisis of truth, identity, and purpose. Psalm 68:11 tells us that “The Lord gives the word; the women who announce the news are a great host” and with that in mind, they want to mobilize other women to do the same. All In Ministries International wants to raise up an army of women to go and invest in other women to help them be disciples who know how to make disciples. It is through this investment that generations change, and villages are reached.

    3. Translating resources in other languages. 

    Publishing traditionally has become a challenge in light of maintaining control over content and distribution so self-publishing has become the route to pursue. Since then, after 10 years with 3 theological reviews and over 1400 passages of Scripture, they are seeking to get these studies in various languages. With the goal being for women to go deeper in their relationship with God and to understand the theological foundations of the faith so they can not just believe in Christ, but they can follow Him with their lives.

    Goals and Desired Outcomes of All In Ministries International:

    Eph. 4:12 – Equip Women Worldwide by connecting us with influential national leaders in developing or under-resourced countries. As one African leader said, let’s “awakened a sleeping giant/lioness” in the church by equipping women for works of service so the body is built up and unified. Let’s help women do what God designed them to do.

    Titus 2:3 – Amplify Short-Term Missions by inspiring missions’ leaders to invest wisely in partnerships by adding women’s discipleship to their short-term mission trips. Let’s bring immediate and generational change by asking mission pastors to include spiritually mature women on their teams who can disciple indigenous women to be disciple makers of Jesus.

    Col. 4:3 – Bring Awareness of the worldwide need so “that God may open a door for our message” and mission sending agencies and spiritually mature women use our free material and equip women worldwide to advance the gospel.

    Prov. 11:24-25 – Build Online Community to invest in women and encourage using our free resources and disciple-making tools. We are open-handed in our interactions, not charging for our training curriculum, online course, or downloadable tools, so nothing hinders the spread of the gospel.



    Key Quotes from the episode from Susan Freese:

    “Most people think discipling others is complicated but look at the Apostles’ examples. They discipled others by visiting people, writing letters, and praying for them. We can do that too.” – Susan Freese

    “You were designed to enjoy God and help others encounter Him.” – Susan Freese

    “God works in you and with you to make disciples of Jesus—across the street and around the world.” – Susan Freese

    “Most women worldwide have never been told they are loved or valued. They are hungry to learn about Jesus, but don’t have access to resources.” – Susan Freese

    “When you experience the depth and magnitude of God’s love for you, it transforms you and motivates you to follow Jesus to fulfill your purpose.” – Susan Freese

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