FCP 30 | Justin and Janae Klatt, Imagine Church Global

August 16, 2023


    Imagine Church Global is a collective of organically-led communities that gather either online or in a local venue to help cultivate community discipleship and an authentic relationship with Jesus through interactive teachings, discussion, and worship. Working toward this statement took many phases, research, and development, as well as trial and error to attain this culture. 

    They started in May 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona, with a core group of team members devoted to planting a church. The first phase was a lot of research and development. For eight months, they worked with team members in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Oklahoma, and New York City to try a new way of doing church. At the end of June 2018, they shifted from research and development and took several months to regroup, debrief, test new technology, and refine the vision and mission field. 

    After this stage, they launched their current model in February 2019. 

    Listen to Episode 30 of the Future Church Podcast and access the show notes below. 

    Future Church Insights: 

    1. Each Imagine Community is led by a Community Builder(s) and an Assistant Community Builder(s) who hosts and facilitates the weekly gathering. These communities truly are “The Church” on a mission; practically demonstrating the love of Jesus through relevant & Biblical interactive teachings, community discussion, worship, and service.
    2. A significant challenge that this church has faced is its growth, primarily due to geographical constraints in finding people and privacy concerns.
    3. Imagine Church caters to individuals who are homebound, highly mobile, or have autoimmune diseases and find it hard to attend brick-and-mortar churches on Sundays. The church has a slow growth model that focuses on intentional relationship-building, one-on-one, and intentional invitation. They provide a supportive, creative, and innovative space for members to worship, learn, discuss, and pray. They do this by conducting Zoom meetings that begin with a 10–15-minute conversation where members discuss events from the previous week and check in on each other.

    Goals and Desired Outcomes of Imagine Church Global:

    • Help isolated men and women around the globe find a spiritual, Christ-centered community wherever they are.
    • Train, empower, and release everyone to influence their local communities for Jesus by providing accessible, face-to-face community discipleship.
    • We desire to cultivate a culture of Jesus’ followers dedicated to personal growth and discipleship.
    • To help followers of Jesus see the “missional” possibilities around them, love their communities with bravery, and invite others into a community with Jesus and others.
    • Help reduce the barriers for families and individuals to attend church together who would not usually be able to participate in the community due to location or physical limitations.



    Key Quotes from Justin and Janae Klatt:

    “Every day we encounter people. We can count the likes and followers. We witness the lives of others through our screens. We are surrounded by people and yet loneliness is a resounding call of society. We have proximity, but we lack community.”

    “Daily devotional patterns and prayer practices are key to growing in relationship with Jesus. As we continue to grow with Jesus, we begin to understand that He desires to grow us as a ‘whole’ individual.”

    “With the need for the gospel in our generation, we must not look for a silver bullet approach. We believe there are many expressions of the local church.”

    “We celebrate bravery. And we really choose to redefine success as bravery. So, in that sense of cultivating that culture, there really is no way to fail when you’re launching a community because you’ve stepped out and invited a friend or you’ve started meeting in your living room. And maybe it only lasted for six months, but that doesn’t matter. That was bravery.”

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