FCP 6 | Angela Craig and Pursuit Church Live

November 11, 2021


    Pursuit Live Church was birthed out of the truth that God leaves no one out. He loves, accepts, and welcomes everyone. He has given us technology as a gift to reach every corner of the world with the message and hope of Jesus. Since its inception in 2017, PCL has grown to nearly 16,000 followers on Facebook, serving 47 countries in 48 languages, and over 2500 individuals in small groups. 

    Listen to Episode 6 of the podcast and access the show notes below.

    Future Church Insights:

    1. Angela felt called to lead a church online to reach those who would not typically come to a physical church building.

    Pursuit Church Live started on Facebook as a way to reach the unchurched, de-churched and those who couldn’t attend due to a chronic illness or being housebound. Angela pointed out that a Barna study revealed that 65% of people would not attend a church.

    2. Angela explains how having a team to pursue people online has helped to reach those who engage with Pursuit Church online.

    Their “Impact Team” is the group of volunteers who move people from engagement on the platform to a discipleship circle. This team is the first to see people and make sure they know they are cared for a loved. From there, leaders of discipleship circles begin the discipleship process.

    3. Angela gives guidance on how to lead and plant an online church.
    Angela has a small booklet called “Online Jesus” that is available on Kindle. The book talks about their discipleship strategy and how their church has grown. She hopes it’s a way to prevent burnout and the current struggle many pastors are facing right now.

    Goals and Desired Outcomes of Pursuit Church Live

    1. Digital Outreach/1 million people
    2. Daily Discipleship
    3. Multiplication through small groups and micro-communities
    4. PCL School



    Online Jesus group on Facebook

    More of a reader? Download the transcription here.

    Key Quotes from the episode from Angela Craig:

    “People are online to be seen, not to see you.” (7:58)

    “We want to make disciples that make disciples.” (16:33)

    “I know so many leaders that want to be a pastor, a teacher, and they cannot get any training because there’s one pastor on one stage. And so that’s the great thing about social media is you can really empower and train up leaders in their strengths and in the vocation that God has called them to.” (29:27)

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