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Project: Flavor Fest Rebrand Tour  
 Tommy Kyllonen 


To help ReBrand the Urban Church as we equip, resource and inspire church planters and church leaders in influential cities.

Project Categories

  • Innovative Approaches to Church Planting: Bivo/Covo and Business for Mission Models and Expressions

  • Innovative Approaches to Church Planting: Micro Models and Expressions

  • Innovative Approaches to Church Planting: Methods and Models for Mobilizing Everyday Missionaries

  • Innovative Approaches to Church Planting: Other
  • Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Evangelism/Reaching/Engaging

  • Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Discipling and Retaining

  • Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Mobilizing

  • Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Pipelines for Church Planting and Leadership Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Other

Big Idea and Overview

We have been hosting our annual Flavor Fest Conference at our church in Tampa for over two decades. We have collectively trained over 5,000 urban church leaders and artists. Dozens of churches have been planted, hundreds of urban churches revitalized and we’ve help equip artists and get many connected. Lecrae’s first music festival to perform at was Flavor Fest which helped lead to his first record deal. Years later Lecrae discovered KB at Flavor Fest and signed him. Urban church leaders have had a challenging couple years with the pandemic. As we are now post pandemic we’ve found that most urban churches are not back to their previous attendance, engagement or finances. Leaders are exhausted and discouraged. They need encouragement, innovative new ideas, resources and fellowship in this season. Our urban church in Tampa has been thriving the past few years due to many new innovative things we’ve implemented with outreach, follow up, social media, entrepreneurship and more. We know many of these churches can’t afford to come to our conference in Tampa, so we felt a calling to take it to them. In 2023 we launched the first Flavor Fest Tour with a goal to train 1,000 urban church leaders. This includes going to four additional influential cities where we have existing partnerships: New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Houston. The summit includes two general sessions and two break out workshop sessions with six tracks: Church Innovation, Church Leadership, Urban Youth Ministry, Outreach, Entrepreneurship & Artists. It also includes a Hip-Hop Concert in the evening.

Customer / Mission Field Context

Multi-Ethnic, Young, Urban Church Leaders (Church Planters, Church Leaders, Artists, Entrepreneurs)

Goals and Desired Outcomes

  • Train 1,000 urban church leaders in 5 influential cities.

  • Equip urban church planters and help urban churches revitalize.

  • Connect artists with a local church home.

  • Develop new relationships in each city.

  • Start the framework to build an urban church network of churches.

Results and

  • We have trained close to 500 urban church leaders so far in 2023 in 3 cities (NYC, LA, and Atlanta). We have two cities remaining; Houston and our full conference in Tampa.

  • Identified several youth workers to start new urban youth networks with Urban Youth Workers Institute.

  • Identified several new urban church planters that we are now working with to have successful launches.

Media Assets

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