FREE Equipping Labs

All 2018 Regional Conferences Feature FREE Equipping Labs

August 22, 2018


If you haven’t heard, all of Exponential’s 2018 regional conferences include the option to attend a free pre-conference equipping lab when you register. These 2.5 hour sessions provide focused content on a subject related to church planting and multiplication. Don’t miss one of these opportunities when you register!

Equipping Lab Options

Multiplication hosted by Exponential
Locations: DC, SoCal, Bay Area, Houston, Chicago, NYC
This Equipping Lab will help you understand the context of your current situation, identify your pathway to multiplication, and give you practical guidance on what to expect on the journey. We’ll also look at the impact of micro and bivo on the future of the church.

Hero Maker hosted by Exponential and NewThing
Locations: DC, SoCal, Bay Area, Houston, Chicago, NYC
Hero makers shift from being the hero to expecting others to be the hero in their church’s unfolding story. You’ll discover 5 essential practices to becoming a Hero Maker.

Leading the Next Generation of Potential Church Planters hosted Stadia
Locations: DC, SoCal, Bay Area, Houston, Chicago
Whether you are a future church planter yourself, a leader of a church committed to supporting church planting, or wondering how you can help lead the next generation to faith in Jesus, this portion of the Lab will be informative and challenging for you.

The Nuts & Bolts of Church Planting hosted by Passion for Planting
Locations: DC, SoCal
We’ll address launch Team development, fundraising, marketing, community networking, ministry teams, assimilation, church multiplication and more!

Special Gathering for Network Leaders hosted by  Exponential
Locations: DC, SoCal
If you lead a local, regional, national or international network within or outside a denomination, this preconference event is for you.

How to Create a Disciple-Making Culture hosted by and the Relational Discipleship Network
Locations: SoCal
Topics include a biblical foundation for relationship, intentional leadership, relational environments, alignment/unity, and creating a disciple making process.

Flourish: Growing a Level 5 Marriage hosted by Exponential
Locations: SoCal
You will leave this Equipping Lab understanding how the five essential “heart habits” and “daily handles” can grow your marriage towards a Level 5 marriage of intimacy and impact.

FORGE Missionary Training for the Local Church hosted by Forge America
Locations: SoCal
In this Equipping Lab, Jon Ritner, Forge Hollywood Hub Director, will move from missional inspiration to doable missional apprenticeship.

Multi-Ethnic hosted by Mosaix Global Network
Locations: SoCal
This lab walks through the challenges and opportunities leaders face  when trying to lead multi-ethnic ministries.

Going and Growing Multisite hosted by MultiSite Solutions
Locations: SoCal
Regardless of whether you are launching your first campus or your tenth, there are concrete steps you can take now to prepare for the new season of multiplication ahead.

Exponential Español hosted by Exponential
Locations/Ubicaciones: SoCal
Nos concentraremos en 5 sesiones que incluyen: Plantación de iglesias, Hacedor de Héroes, Discipulado, Matrimonio y ministerio, y Alcanzar la Próxima Generación.


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