Project: Free Market Church
Hugh Halter and Taylor McCall


The purpose of Free Market Church is to provide a national training/coaching network for apostolic leaders who are building out kingdom ecosystems of market ventures and missional communities and who are also committed to reframing ‘church’ inside these ecosystems.

Project Categories

  • • Other – Innovative, unique projects that may not fit in an identified category but still fulfill our mission of church multiplication

Big Idea and Overview

We have tested the concept in Birmingham Alabama (10 years) and in Alton IL (5 years) and have begun coaching about 8 ecosystems across the US. We are 75% done with a book called Free Market Church that will frame the movement and are in initial consultation with a marketing firm to help us frame out the delivery system, codifying the training concepts and planning out the coaching scalability. 

Hugh has also been teaching the concepts for two years with V3 church planting network as the marketplace planting director. We have most of the concepts ready to go but are needing help building out the entire offerings.

Customer / Mission Field Context

We would be focusing on church planters as first priority but we’re inundating with interest from existing churches that are wanting to reallocate funds and mission strategy to building out kingdom ecosystems instead of just doing church. We also coach many marketplace leaders who are now wanting to learn how to form micro churches from their existing business platform. These three customers will be our focus.

Goals and Desired Outcomes

1. Thought Leadership. Release Free Market Church book by Sept 1 2021.

2. Solidify 5-7 proven kingdom ecosystems as our national coaching base.

3. Complete the first 50 “white papers” that will be customized and timely articles/videos on core training modules related to kingdom ecosystem development.

4. Complete Web delivery system that will share the thought leadership, show videos of other national ecosystems and form the network.

5. Create immersion experiences throughout our national sites as the primary form of training.

Results and

Common Thread: Birmingham-10 year old network. 20 businesses, 100 missionaries, (over 3,000 people incarnationally affected by these micro business and neighborhood homes.) Quote by the mayor of Birmingham “If your network ever left Birmingham, we’d have to raise taxes to cover all the good your people are doing.”

Lantern Network: Alton IL. 5 year old network. 6 businesses, 40 missionaries, (400 people affected). Mayor of Alton, “You guys have kick started our entire town.”