From Paradigms to Praxis

Putting a Passion for Multiplication into a Plan

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There is a growing discontent among church leaders with the prevailing model of the church. It’s that “splinter in the mind” that something’s wrong or, at least, incomplete or misdirected.

We know we need multiplication to see a movement but we don’t know what that looks like in a western context. Add to that the suspicion that we may be creating more consumers of Christian goods and services than we are actual disciple makers and they know we need to make changes.

Who is this Learning Community for?

This is for leaders who are already convinced that a hyper-focus on church growth is not the answer for the church of the future. They realize we must get back to the core mission of Jesus in a way that is built on multiplication principles. It’s for church leaders that are taking a hard look at their current operating system and want to make the necessary changes.

Specifically, this learning community is for people who have already experienced some of Exponential’s multiplication frameworks and are looking to integrate them into their local church.

Some leaders have tried to integrate these ideas into their local church and have become frustrated with the roadblocks or lack of progress. Others have seen the ideas, but aren’t sure where to start. This Learning Community is for both kinds of leaders.

About the Learning Community

This learning community will not provide you with a prescriptive, formulaic answer. Each church is so unique that an answer like that would be too simplistic.

Rather, this learning community will take an in-depth look at a Multiplication Operating System and unpack the practical implications for existing churches and future church plants. You will have the opportunity to then create a plan for your leadership and context in response to the breakthroughs in your own thinking for church operating system.

Intended Outcomes

Each leader will walk away from this Learning Community with a… 

  3. PLAN 

…for how to bring multiplication into their church without blowing it up.

Gathering Overview & Details

Gathering 1
Understanding Church Operating Systems

October 28–29, 2024

Mon 1:00pm – Tues 5:00pm

Fort Worth, TX

Gathering 2
Unpacking the Multiplication Operating System

January 27-28, 2025

Mon 1:00pm – Tues 5:00pm

Clearwater, FL

Gathering 3
The Playbook for an mOS Church

April 28-29, 2025

Mon 1:00pm – Tues 5:00pm

Denver, CO