Frontlines Episode 4 – The Lies People Tell Church Planters

September 16, 2020


The Frontlines program seeks to encourage and equip pastors and planters to better understand and navigate the current and future trends in church ministry. Hosted by veteran church multiplication leaders, each episode invites thought leaders and advanced practitioners in ministry to inform and inspire pastors and planters as they continue in day-to-day ministry.

The uncertainty, stress, and loneliness affecting church planters and pastors seems like it is at an all-time high. Each week, church leaders are faced with more and more complex issues to solve and decisions to make. And, even the best decisions made by church leadership teams seem to only result in more uncertainty and questioning by their congregation. This 12-episode weekly show will host conversations on the current issues church leaders are facing. Being on the frontlines of Kingdom advancement as pastor or church planter is a constant barrage of uncertainty and challenges.

“When this great adventure is complete, we’ll stand before his throne, cast whatever crowns he’s awarded back at his feet, bow in worship, and erupt in applause at the genius and generosity of the Most High God,” says Tom Bennardo. “He’ll have done more marvelous things than we could ever have imagined and will have allowed us the honor of being co-journeyers on the greatest adventure the world has ever known.”

Join us for Episode 4 with co-hosts Peyton Jones and Daniel Yang as they interview Tom Bennardo, head of Pastoral Development & Western U.S. Church Multiplication at the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches.

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