Future Characteristics of the Church Episode 1 – A Different Frame

January 25, 2021


The last 10 months have revealed much. It seems that when the local church becomes our goal, it becomes an idolatrous and powerless thing. But what happens to the people of God when the Kingdom is first, and the local church becomes an agency for the King’s work? We are always called to seek first the King and his Kingdom. Everything else is secondary. That is the church of the past. And that must become the church of our future.

The already rapid rate of changing dynamics in church planting is accelerating after 2020, in part due to the dramatic shifts brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than ever, church planters are needing to innovate and reimagine what church multiplication looks like moving forward.

This webinar series, hosted by Jeff Christopherson and Jessie Cruickshank, is designed to lean into the future and shed light on what church planting looks like in 2021 and beyond. What paradigm shifts and best practices do we need to come to grips with to advance God’s Kingdom around the corner?

In this inaugural episode, hear from special guests Reggie McNeal and Michael Carrion.

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