Gift Activating

Essential Practice #4 for HeroMaking

January 9, 2018


Essential Practice #1 – Gift Activating

Resource 1 – Watch this Overview of Gift Activating!

Dave Ferguson provides a short video overview of the fourth essential practice of HeroMaking.


Resource 2 – Listen to this Interview on Gift Activating!

Brian Sanders joins Exponential President Dave Ferguson to discuss the fourth essential practice in the hero-making process: Gift Activating. Brian serves as the founder and executive director of the Underground, a family of lay-led microchurches based in Tampa, Florida. As a leader bent on the premise that the church is people and mission, he is obsessed with helping people find the calling and assignment God has given them. He and the Underground are gift activators.


Click here to download the interview.

Resource 3 – Read the Following HeroMaker Article on Gift Activating

Look for gift-activating moments.  We can follow Jesus’ example of commissioning leaders to multiply.     Click here to read this article by Dave Ferguson on HeroMaker Practice #4: Gift Activating.

Register for the HeroMaker Conference!

Looking ahead to 2018, Exponential will be focusing on this shift from being heroes to becoming hero makers. It’s vitally important to the multiplication conversation and our mission to see the percentage of churches that ever reproduce increase from less than 4 percent to greater than 10 percent.

This HeroMaker theme looks at the kind of leader it takes to dream big and lead a Level 5 multiplying church. Every true shift in a church or organization begins with a heart change in the primary leader. Marked by a sense of holy and humble tenacity, HeroMakers shift from being simply the hero of the church to helping others become the heroes and the future mentors the church will need.

At Exponential 2018 you will get 3 days of inspiration, equipping and encouragement in Hero Making. We will look hard at the “5 Essential Practices for Leaders to Multiply Leaders.”  You can join thousands of other church multiplication leaders to experience 150+ speakers, 40 tracks, 200 workshops, and 12+ pre-conference equipping labs.   We’ve made four of the pre-conference equipping labs FREE.  Those include the Marriage and Family Lab, the Church Planting Lab, the Multiplication Lab, and the Special Gathering of Network Leaders.  You can also use code VIP2018 to get $59 off your registration!  Click here to register!

Check out this invitation from Ed Stetzer:

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