When Good News Moves into Your Neighborhood

February 15, 2017

The issue isn’t who is your neighbor; it’s will you be a neighbor?

Jesus said the entire law of God is summed up and fulfilled when we love God and our neighbor as we love ourselves. Imagine cities across a nation, sprinkled with Christ-followers living in condos, houses, and apartment buildings, who have taken Jesus’ words to heart. They have committed to tangibly love their neighbors, and neighborhoods, as they love themselves. They have committed to be the salt of the earth, as Jesus said we are to be. What does it look like when we view our neighborhoods as the place in which the Lord has placed us … to serve him and accomplish his purposes?

Join Lance at Exponential East 2017, where he will be leading workshops on missional living.

Key Neighborhood Highlights:

  • The power of a tightly-knit community
  • Engaging with our neighbors
When Good News Moves into Your Neighborhood – Lance Ford

Lance Ford has over two decades of experience as a pastor, church planter, coach, and consultant and is the cofounder of the Sentralized Conference and KC Sentral, a missional training network in Kansas City. He is the co-author, with Alan Hirsch, of Right Here Right Now, Everyday Mission for Everyday People, and the author of UnLeader, Reimagining Leadership … and Why We Must, as well as the co-author of Missional Essentials: A Guide for Experiencing God’s Mission in Your Life.

Lance Ford

Lance Ford

Lance is the co-founder of the Sentralized Conference. With more than three decades experience as a pastor and church planter, he is a writer, coach, and consultant who has designed unique training systems currently being used by networks, seminaries, and leaders throughout the world. Lance holds a Master’s Degree in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary and has written several books, including Next Door As It Is In Heaven and UnLeader. His newest book, The Starfish and The Spirit, is co-authored with Alan Hirsch and Rob Wegner.  
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