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Live the Life You’re Inviting Others Into

Become the Change We All Want To See

The future will be led by people with healthy souls… 

having genuine capacities for joy, creativity, leadership, hope, forgiveness, sacrifice, and much more.

The days of serving out of deficit, fear, anger, manipulation, and prayerless striving are nearing the end. THANK GOD! Healthy Leaders NEXT will take on the challenge to help shape the future of ministry leadership – from the inside out. There is no burnout too far gone… no team too toxic, no irreversible situation.

BUT we need new stories, new models, new paths, new strategies, new willingness to get there… And while it may be new to us, we remember that it’s a well-worn path through the history of the church. It’s our turn.

  • Stories

    Get to know the people making bold moves toward personal and organizational health.

  • Models

    Learn from a range of models emerging, that could signal future best practices.

  • Paths

    Understand where you are and what next steps might serve you best.

  • Strategies

    Discover new strategic priorities and avenues for activating them.

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Video Series

Leading for Transformation: The Essential Five


Join Mindy Caliguire, Leadership Network’s Healthy Leaders NEXT Director, for Episode 1 of Leading for Transformation: The Essential Five. Click here to download The Essential Five document.

Beyond the health of individual leaders, we want to lead towards organizations who perpetuate healthy culture and see it as critical to success of mission. This video kicks off a series that will help you take practical steps in laying the foundation for transformation.

Mindy Caliguire

Director of Healthy Leaders NEXT

Mindy is Founder and President of Soul Care—a spiritual formation ministry that exists to increase soul health in the Body of Christ.

She’s served in executive leadership in both ministry and marketplace contexts, is a former board member of Leadership Network, and currently serves on Stadia Church Planting and LeaderCare boards. Mindy speaks and writes on the topics of Soul Care and leads the growing team at who work with individuals and organizations to bring leaders to life by focusing on the health of the soul.

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