Healthy Ministries: Students, First Impressions, Children’s Ministry, Parent Ministry Workshop


Student Ministry Principles for Churches of Any Size
Culture is changing rapidly. When culture changes methods in ministry need to change also. Spend time with Tyler Bryan as he walks through the principles and methods he and his team use to connect with hundreds of students every week. Tyler has worked at churches of all sizes with budgets of all sizes in his ministry career. The methods he will talk about transcend size and help you connect with the culture outside the walls of the church.
Speaker: Tyler Bryan

First Impressions: Earning the Second Visit
It is entirely possible for your congregation to love your church and simultaneously feel uncomfortable in bringing their guest into your church. This overall tension is not solely an evangelism problem, but rather the intentionality of the First Impressions your guests will experience in your midst. First Impressions is a critical topic for church leaders, but often we miss a key point. The goal of your First Impressions is not simply that your congregation brings guests, but rather, the goal is that those guests return for a second visit. We will discuss simple best practices being learned from churches on earning that second visit.
Speaker: Daryl Cripe

Starting a Family/Children’s Ministry from the Ground Up
When you buy a cup of Starbucks, you know what to expect. A visit to Chik-Fil-A brings great customer service and great fast food. A good organization builds from the foundation up. Laura will share the “how to” of building a family ministry so that your church and your community will recognize, expect and get the ministry they need to make it in this tough world.
Speaker: Laura Lee

Volunteerism: Awaking Impact
Is getting volunteers in your church a continuous struggle? Is your volunteerism approach actually about getting tasks completed or has it been integrated into your overall discipleship model? Volunteerism, when intentional, has the power to awaken kingdom impact within your congregation. Our time will focus on shifting your volunteerism away from simply serving to one of growing your congregation spiritually, while furthering their ownership of your church and your mission.
Speaker: Daryl Cripe

Communicating to Children: Speaking a Language Kids Understand
For many, effectively communicating to kids is one of the most difficult tasks in children’s ministry. With the interests of this generation in mind, it is vital to know how to communicate to them in such a way that triggers their attention and spurs them to take action. We will discover ways to make communication to kids a fun and effective experience.
Speakers: Ken Thomas and Gabe Norris

Assimilating the Unchurched into the Life of Your Church
An emerging movement of churches are infiltrating culture in fresh ways and inviting unchurched people to experience Jesus. Discover powerful ways to reach and assimilate new believers into the life of your church by cultivating a culture where lost people consistently encounter love, experience hope and embrace faith.
Speaker: Ron Dotzler

Equipping Parents to be Effective Ministers
Every children’s minister longs to have great assistant coaches called parents to help grow their ministry. The relationship between the church and the parent right-sizes when parents become ministers and the church becomes a resource.
Speakers: Ken Thomas and Gabe Norris

Building a Spiritual Pathway for Your Small Groups to Follow
As disciple-making church leaders, our job is to help people take positive step after positive step on the pathway of discipleship toward the end of Christlikeness. But what should that pathway look like? In any other pathway, there is a clearly delineated way we should go. There are markers of progress and there is a sureness of direction. But on the discipleship pathway, we struggle. This session will help you as a church leader, be able to clearly and simply articulate a vision for a pathway of discipleship for people in your small groups to follow.
Speaker: Chris Surratt

Technology and Software: Creating Good Habits for Growth
Learn how to set your church up for success in the area of technology and software. In this talk, we will offer suggestions and best practices based on personal experience and ongoing conversations we have with our customers. We’ll be discussing universal principles of organization and creating a growth strategy that can be applied by any church of any size, regardless of whether or not you are using Planning Center.
Speaker: Evan Lemmons

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