Healthy Ministries: Worship Services Workshop


Get equipped in multiple ministry areas as you learn to identify which ones meet the needs of your community and contribute to the mission of your church.

Session 1: What Leading Worship Ministries at Churches of All Sizes Has Taught Me
We all know that in the art of cooking you must have ingredients, tools and a vision to complete the desired outcome. The same is true in building a worship/creative ministry. You must address a biblical philosophy, determine your goals, strategize your objectives/tactics and execute your vision. But, where do you start and how do you start? In this conversation, we ask the questions you need to address as you build the ministry entrusted to you. We will discuss topics like: volunteer band vs. paid teams, the relationship of the worship leader and the lead teaching pastor, and best practices on communication and team preparation. Whether you are a church plant or an existing church, join us as we learn how to build a stable and impactful worship ministry.
Speakers: Ben Williams and Sam Kenoly

Session 2: Designing the Weekend Experience
The weekend experience doesn’t have to be a cookie cutter service with certain elements fitting into their respective time slots. What if all the elements of your weekend could come together to tell a compelling story? This workshop will help you see different ways to design your services and assist your lead communicator in moving your congregation in a desired direction. Come and learn how to take the lid off of your creative ministry and service planning strategies with easy steps that will revolutionize your creative output. Learn how to strategize, plan, communicate and disseminate all your creative plans in one easy process you can actually apply to your current ministry.
Speakers: Don Smith and Jeff Boriss

Session 3: How Do You Create a Multi-Ethnic/Multi-Generational Worship Experience?
One of the reasons Sunday morning is the most segregated time of the week is because we haven’t found a way to make our gatherings look and feel like ALL of us. Join us as we open the topic of worship diversity. Not only will we address diversity in ethnicity and culture, but we will also discuss multiple generational experiences. It’s our goal to give you some next steps on how to steer your culture and lead your teams toward those changes.
Speakers: Ron Kenoly and Sam Kenoly

Session 4: Do I Really Need That in the Worship Ministry?
It seems like every week there is a new product or new “must have” for your church. Some are essential to a successful launch; some things are helpful. And, some things are just cool. Let’s discuss necessities for an optimal service and dream about the fun things.
Speaker: David Price

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