LNP26 | Helping Young Leaders Find Their Voice

Leadership Network Podcast | Episode 26

October 24, 2022

Are you struggling with keeping young adults in your programs? Are you feeling tired from trying new methods to reach young leaders today? This show is packed with great insight and wisdom on how to reach and engage the next generation by empowering their voice.

The next generation, besides being “builders,” loves investing their voice where it matters most. Kels Johnson will talk about how to engage, pastor, and equip the next generation for the Kingdom by positioning them for maximum impact and influence.

Leadership Podcast Series:

It seems that more public figures, athletes, celebrities, and even politicians are talking about mental health and admitting that they too are struggling. Every day, more young people are choosing a profession in the mental health field. We have more awareness than ever before,—and yet the percentages of depression, anxiety and even suicide are getting worse. Why is this happening? Join us for a three-week series diving into the root causes, innovative responses, and new strategies to build churches that help the next generation find the healing they are longing for.

To learn more at Leadership Network, visit leadnet.org and for more conversations on Generation NEXT click here.

To watch the conversation, visit https://mult-archive.em02.enthusiastinc.net/event/helping-young-leaders-find-their-voice/

Kels Johnson

Kels Johnson

Kels Johnson’s sole purpose is to discover, develop, and distribute new, creative ways to share the greatest story ever told—the gospel of Jesus! His unique, mosaic style of storytelling compels listeners to engage with the journey of the moment as the Word comes alive and makes life transformation possible. Purpose is the driving force behind everything Pastor Kels does. Whether filming and distributing curated Christian content, serving the local church through revival and itinerant ministry, or helping to develop the next generation of leaders, it all fits within the context of what he is called and purposed to do.
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