Hero Maker Practice 5: Kingdom Building

The Practice of Kingdom Building

August 2, 2018

The Practice of Kingdom Building

The fifth and final hero maker practice is Kingdom building—a shift in counting. Instead of counting the people who show up at “my thing,” you begin to count the leaders whom you send to go out and do “God’s thing.”

In Matthew 6:33, Jesus shows us what to count. He tells His followers to make it a priority to, “Seek first the Kingdom of God.” The only thing that matters—that ultimately counts—is advancing the Kingdom of God. If we’re really serious about becoming hero makers, we need to make a shift in the questions we ask.

Top 3 Kingdom Building Resources

Resource 1 – FREE Online Assessment

Interested in assessing your personal multiplication leadership capacity (i.e. your “hero making capacity”)? We’ve created a simple, FREE online tool that takes less than 30 minutes to complete. You will immediately see your results on a 5 level scale. Click the button below to take the assessment.

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Resource 2 – Video Summary

Dave Ferguson provides a brief overview of Kingdom Building.

Resource 3 – Audio Interview

Ralph Moore joins Exponential President Dave Ferguson to discuss the fifth and final essential practice in the process of shifting from hero to hero maker: Kingdom Building.

Ralph is the founder of the Hope Chapel movement, which has ties to more than 2,400 known churches across the world—one of the few Level 5 multiplying churches Exponential has uncovered in the United States. Ralph is a true Kingdom builder who early on made the shift from counting nickels and noses (building his empire) to counting disciples (advancing God’s Kingdom).


Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson

Todd is a Kingdom entrepreneur. He spends the majority of his time starting and working with organizations committed to Kingdom impact and multiplication. Todd is a founding member of Exponential, which organizes and hosts the annual Exponential conference in Orlando and live events throughout the United States and world. Todd serves as President and CEO of Exponential, providing vision and strategic direction to the organization. Todd lives in Durham, NC, with his wife, Anna. They have two sons and two daughters-in-law: Ben & Therese and Chris & Mariah, and an amazing grandson Evan.
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