Multiplication Center

Regional - Houston, TX 2022


Empowered: Moving with The Spirit

The single command that Jesus gave his followers before igniting a movement was “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised…” He was telling them to wait for and then move with the Spirit. In 2022, we’ll discover a growing awareness of the Spirit’s work and leadership while also realizing that we will always be more effective if we move with the Holy Spirit.

October 26-27, 2022
602 Pruitt Rd.
The Woodlands, TX 77380

The Inspiration of Exponential’s Global Conference in Your Region

  • 5 Empowered Main Sessions to Encourage and Equip

  • Network With Local Church Multiplication Activists

  • Affordable for Your Entire Team

  • National and Regional Speakers

  • Free Pre-conference Equipping Labs

  • Ready Made for a Powerful Staff Retreat


Hear from Today’s Top Church Multiplication Practitioners

10+ national speakers in 5 main sessions!

Jon Ferguson

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Myron Pierce

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Noemi Chavez

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Jarrett Stephens

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Faith Cho

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Jason Shepperd

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Jaron Jones

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bruce wesley

Bruce Wesley

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Todd Proctor

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Jeremiah Morris

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Catalyze Your Team

The Content, Connections, and Community to Move Your Church Forward

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  • Renewed Focus and Energy For Advancing Your Mission

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October 26
9:00 am – 11:30 am

In-depth equipping from pace-setting practitioners and access to top thought leaders that prepare you for the journey ahead.

Multiplication: Five Levels of Multiplication & Three Dimensions of Multiplication

Multiplication: Five Levels of Multiplication & Three Dimensions of Multiplication – Hosted by Exponential

The Multiplication Equipping Lab will unpack the “5 Levels of Multiplication” to help you:

 Understand the context of your current situation
 Identify a path toward reproduction/multiplication
 And give you practical guidance on what to expect on the journey.

We’ll explore the “3 Dimensions of Multiplication”: Disciple Making, Mobilization, and Capacity. And we’ll have veteran leaders break down each of those dimensions for practical insights from their experience.

Bill Couchenour, Director of Learning Communities / Exponential
Myron Pierce, Lead Pastor / Mission Church in Omaha

Noemi Chavez on Teaching Preparation & Bible Study

Noemi Chavez on Teaching Preparation & Bible Study – Hosted by Logos Bible Software


Meet and learn from Exponential’s Keynote Speakers on how they prepare to teach and study the Bible. You want to dig deeper into the Bible, showing the way for your people; Logos is the answer. Logos integrates cutting-edge technology, media resources, and a massive theological library to deliver 40-50 hours of Bible study and sermon prep in seconds. Explore cultural and historical context, do in-depth exegesis, study the original Greek and Hebrew, and much more with interactive tools created for today’s ministry; features that help you do the work of ministry—without the busywork. With Factbook you can look up lemmas, counseling topics, specialized theological terms, manuscripts, and so much more. With counseling guide, you can search for topics like marriage, grief, and addiction to discover what trustworthy biblical counseling resources have to say. In this interactive training, learn how you can use Logos to equip the Church to grow in the light of the Bible.


Timothy Williams, National Sales Presenter / Faithlife
Noemi Chavez, Co-Lead Pastor / Revive Church

Reach Them! Church Marketing That Works!

Reach Them! Church Marketing That Works! – Hosted by Outreach


Pre-launch or post-launch, God has the people for your church – but you have to reach them. In this session, we will show you the best cutting-edge marketing techniques to reach your community and grow your church. Marketing from a 360 spectrum. Using a multi-channel approach, reaching out and making use of all the tools available to you from social media to direct mail to community events to servant evangelism.



Tim Speweik, Outreach’s Director of Ministry Development

Income and Retirement Planning for Ministers

Income and Retirement Planning for Ministers – Hosted by Guardian Financial Group


In this pre-conference Equipping Lab, we will discuss the following:


• Housing Allowance
• Social Security/Medicare
• Providing for Your Spouse
• Market Volatility


Jerry Whitley, Founder of Guardian Financial Group

A Church of House Churches: One Church Distributed into Many House Churches

A Church of House Churches: One Church Distributed into Many House Churches – Hosted by Church Project


Rethink and Return to a Biblical Ecclesiology as a Church of House Churches with:


  • Decentralized Community: Decentralized from place and priest, House Church is the primary place of community and discipleship. 


  • Distributed Leadership: House Churches are led by identified, trained, and empowered lay pastors, fulfilling all the qualifications listed in Timothy and Titus for an elder, carrying out all the functions of a pastor, and entrusted by the Church to shepherd people. 


  • Diverse Community: House Churches are cross-generational, diverse gatherings (including ethnic, spiritual maturity, gender, socio-economical, and generation diversity) of people in a home who share a meal, meet each other’s needs, and help one another grow in their faith.


  • Common Oversight, Identity, and Mission: As a Church of House Churches, there are regular collective gatherings and House Churches are supported by Elders, given doctrinal and ecclesiological accountability, and live in community with other House Churches, helping ensure long-term health and missional impact in the community.



Jason Shepperd, Founder and Lead Pastor at Church Project

Calvin Williams, Director of House Churches at Church Project