Harvey Disaster Relief

How the Exponential Family Can Help


Harvey Disaster Relief

How the Exponential Family Can Help


Houston is dear to our hearts, and it pains us to see the damage Hurricane Harvey has caused and continues to cause through flooding. Below is a brief interview between Exponential CEO Todd Wilson and Bruce Wesley, pastor of Clear Creek Community Church in the Houston area. In it, Bruce explains how we can help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Visit ClearCreekRelief.org or HCPN.org/relief for more information.


A Special Letter from Chad Clarkson, the Executive Director of the Houston Church Planting Network:​

Thanks for your interest in helping us address the devastating effect of Hurricane Harvey. The steady stream of people, and churches, from around the country that are wanting to help is humbling. We are extremely grateful. Thanks in advance for your patience – as you can imagine, it is still a crazy and ever-changing situation. Our plan is to organize for the long haul, so thank you for your interest in getting involved.

I had the opportunity to lead our Hurricane Ike relief efforts at Clear Creek Community Church in 2008 and clearly remember the impact it had on our community. That was a six-month relief effort that required a great deal of financial resources. It wouldn’t surprise me if Hurricane Harvey was 50x what Hurricane Ike entailed. We’ve already heard from approximately 150 families at our church that are displaced due to flooding in their homes. I’m sure the number at Clear Creek alone is 2-3x’s that number. The staggering and overwhelming realization with that is…that is only our church. The number is unfathomable as we think of the greater Houston area. We are talking tens of thousands.

Long-term, we will facilitate a collaborative recovery effort with churches who volunteer to help our community recover from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Our team and Houston area churches are currently being mobilized to hit the ground as the flood waters recede. We think this will be on the front burner for our churches for, at least six months to a year.

I am grateful for your consideration of supporting the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Here are 3 ways to get involved immediately:

1) Pray

Please spend a few moments as Houston crosses your mind to pray. Thanks to those who are already doing so and have mobilized others to do the same. Here are four specific things to pray for:

  • That the Church would continue to serve the world, live on mission, and build community through unity.
  • Continued safety for relief workers and those involved.
  • Protection and provision for families that have been impacted.
  • That no more rain would accumulate.

2) Give

Donations will be used to provide relief and recovery assistance to individuals, families, and churches impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Finances will be the biggest need as we prepare for the recovery effort.

Here are three ways for churches and individuals to give:

  • Text keyword HARVEYRELIEF to 51555 and follow prompts to give via credit card.
  • Mail a check to Clear Creek Community Church 999. N. Egret Bay Blvd. League City, TX. To give via a wire transfer please contact Teresa Richardson (trichardson@clearcreek.org).

Note: Please designate Harvey Relief. Since we are working with multiple churches around the city please mark your affiliation with Exponential. Clear Creek will be distributing funds to multiple churches and relief efforts around the city and 100% of donations will be going to support the relief efforts.

3) Serve

We are compiling a list of churches from outside of Houston that may be interested in bringing in a team to serve, donate supplies, etc., as the waters recede. If you are interested, you can visit www.HCPN.org/relief  to give us your information if you haven’t already. We know the recovery effort will be going on for months, so please be patient as we get coordinated for long-term efforts. This will be a marathon and not a sprint. We really see our efforts happening in 3 stages: Rescue, Relief, & Recovery. Rescue & Relief are happening now. Recovery will go on for months and we envision needing outside support if you are interested. If you have signed up we will keep you informed via email of on the ground progress and ongoing ministry opportunities.

Thanks for your consideration of supporting the relief and recovery efforts. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.




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