In the Presence of Jesus Book Tour

December 2, 2021


Book Tour: In the Presence of Jesus: A 40-Day Guide to the Intimacy with God You’ve Always Wanted

Featured Guests:
PAUL BANE — Founder of Mindful Christianity
MATT LITTON — Author and bestselling collaborative writer

Deb Walkemeyer — Co-Pastor of Light & Life Christian Fellowship in Long Beach, CA

In the stress, noise, and activity of modern life, there is a way of finding inner peace and contentment. In the Presence of Jesus will help you learn to quiet your mind and focus your attention on the grace and love that is only available in God’s presence. Deeply faithful to Scripture and infused with the truth of Christ’s unwavering love on every page, In the Presence of Jesus is an easy-to-understand, step-by-step, daily guide that will empower you to transfer the truth of His everlasting love for you from your head to your heart. This 40-day journey will help you focus on the character of Jesus and open your spirit to His presence in your life.

In their book, In the Presence of Jesus, Paul Bane and Matt Litton:

  • Guide you through a 40-day journey to practice the presence of God in new and refreshing ways
  • Teach you how to find inner peace and contentment through the noise and activity of life
  • Demonstrate that God is not “out there,” but is alive here and now with you
  • Help you grow in the practice of contemplation and silence to experience God’s love for you and humanity at large

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