Instilling Multi-Ethnic Values: 3 Critical Questions

In this video, planter and Mosaix Co-Founder Mark DeYmaz helps planters address race and justice issues

December 8, 2016


“If the Kingdom of Heaven is not segregated, why is the Church?” — author, pastor and Mosaix Co-Founder Mark DeYmaz

In this training video, Mark DeYmaz discusses three critical questions to ask before planting a church. These questions, he says, will help instill multi-ethnic values in your church plant, as well as address race and justice issues in an increasingly diverse society.

3 Critical Adjustments to Proclaiming a Credible Gospel Witness

  1. “What is the gospel?” (adjusting from segregated to integrated churches)
  2. “Who is my neighbor?” (adjusting from mission as a program to mission being part of your DNA, who you are)
  3. “How do we measure success?” (adjusting from a scorecard of numbers to one of influence)

Join Mark DeYmaz and the Mosaix team at Exponential East 2017, where they’ll be leading workshops on multi-ethnic values and maintaining diversity in the Church.

A recognized leader in the Multi-ethnic Church Movement, Mark DeYmaz planted Mosaic Church in Central Arkansas in 2001 where he continues to serve as directional leader. In 2004, he co-founded the Mosaix Global Network and today serves as its president, and convener of the triennial National Multi-Ethnic Church Conference.

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