J.D. Greear, Carey Nieuwhof, Todd Wilson on the future of the church


For the first time ever, Outreach Magazine has produced a list of 100 Reproducing Churches. Why? The future isn’t just in growth, it’s in multiplication if the church is going to thrive.

We were thrilled for J.D. Greear, Lead Pastor of the Summit Church—a multiplying church—and President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and Todd Wilson, President and CEO of Exponential to be on the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast to talk about the five levels of multiplying churches, and why reproducing churches are the future. They also explain how every church can think about reproducing in a healthy way by taking the Church Multiplication Challenge.

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re pursuing the right scorecard or had a sense down deep that the church isn’t intended to be this way, then this podcast is for you! Want to listen? Click here.

The Church Multiplication Challenge is a call to action to embrace a new scorecard of healthy reproduction. The Challenge gives any church a simple, 3 step process for endorsing a declaration of multiplication, discovering how that relates to their current context, and sharing their commitment with others. Find out more at ReproducingChurches.org.

Become a Multiplying Church


*portions of this content originally appeared on careynieuwhof.com/episode287/