You are a movement maker for the gospel of Jesus! But, the challenge to shake the strong pull of an addition culture in the church can prevent you from leading the multiplication movement your heart and calling long for.

Exponential’s Multipliers Learning Communities has served hundreds of diverse Kingdom leaders over the last decade guiding them to the critical paradigm shifts to embrace their vision and purpose to:

  1. lead churches that make disciples,
  2. mobilize their church into daily mission, and
  3. build a legacy of lasting Kingdom influence through starting new churches.

The Learning Community journey consists of three separate gatherings in three different cities over an 8-month period (from Fall 2020 to Spring 2021). The journey combines the relational, experiential and informational components required for transformation. Learning Community attendees build lasting connections with fellow church multipliers while gaining the innovative ideas that will lead to implementing an action plan in their local context.

Registration to reserve a Full Cohort for 2020-2021 is now open.

For more information, questions, or talk about reserving a Full Cohort for your network or denomination, email Bill Couchenour.

I have been in ministry for more than 20 years and have spent much of that times frustrated, knowing deep down that there was more to church than we had been led to believe. What the Exponential cohort has done for me is finally answer that burning and provided language to what I was already feeling. It has revolutionized how I approach ministry. It’s worth every penny and the time required to put into it. So much so that I’m bringing someone else through with me for next season.
-Corey, Learning Community Alumni