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Leadership Conversations | Jon Ferguson

Jon Ferguson draws from his experiences of leading leaders to help you make the most of every conversation

January 4, 2017

By Jon Ferguson

One of the most powerful tools we have for reproducing leaders are the words we say. In this podcast from Exponential East 2016, pastor and author Jon Ferguson looks at some practical tools to help you make the most of every leadership conversation–reminding us that leadership development begins with an “I see in you” conversation–both what I see in you right now, and what I see you becoming (your future). Drawing from conversations in Scripture, Ferguson illustrates the transformative power of words to identify, empower and reproduce leaders.

Jon is a familiar voice at Exponential conferences. At Exponential East 2017,  he’ll be coming alongside church leaders and drawing from his experience to lead workshop sessions focusing on reproducing  and church planting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why “I see in you” conversations are life-changing.
  • Tips for identifying potential in future leaders.
  • Inspiring stories of reproducing leaders
  • The importance of speaking to a leader’s potential instead of performance.
  • Developing and maintaining a culture of reproducing leadership.
Leadership Conversations – Jon Ferguson

Jon Ferguson is the co-founding pastor of Community Christian Church in Chicagoland. He also leads the team of staff champions for adult, student, children’s, and creative arts ministries across all Community locations and is one of Community’s lead teaching pastors.  Jon also led in the launch of the church-planting movement NewThing. Jon has co-authored multiple books, including The Big Idea, Exponential, Finding Your Way Back to God, and the recent Starting Over.

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