Leadership: Teams Workshop


Leadership can be a difficult place. Learn from leaders who have navigated the challenges, including team building, leadership development, casting vision and more.

Session 1: The Three Reasons Churches Stop Growing
Don’t overcomplicate it. There are three and only three reasons why most churches stop growing. There are only THREE GEARS of GROWTH: Culture, Team, & Systems: The Three Gears of Growth. When one of these is not healthy, it will eventually cost us. In this workshop, we’ll learn to assess our culture, our team and our systems, and develop a plan for getting healthier as a church! Healthy Things Grow! We can’t presume on growth, but we can get prepared for growth! In this workshop, we’ll discover how.
Speaker: Shawn Lovejoy

Session 2: Fostering Creativity Through Better Planning
Did you know Sunday comes every seven days? Seminary didn’t teach us how to build more creative worship and work environments in between. No one else taught us how to work on it more than work in it. Strategy usually gets crowded out by the tactical. Creativity is usually replaced by urgency. We must break that cycle. We will show you how to build more creative worship and work environments through better rhythms of strategic planning with your team!
Speaker: Drew Karschner

Session 3: Breaking Your Next Growth Barrier Faster Than You Think
Healthy things grow. You can’t over spiritualize that fact. Church growth requires both the supernatural power of God and great leadership. Church growth is also somewhat an art and a science. Every church is perfectly structured for the results it’s getting now. Most churches also don’t grow best incrementally. They grow best exponentially! This is the pattern of the book of Acts. Join us as we talk about how your church can break a growth barrier … maybe faster than you would think!
Speakers: Drew Karschner and Shawn Lovejoy

Session 4: Hiring and Firing 101
They didn’t teach us this in seminary. How do we find and select the right leaders? How can we get better at this? What do we do when we have the wrong leaders in the wrong seats? What are the qualities we’re looking for in a leader? How do we deselect the wrong leaders? How can we release people the right way? In this session, William Vanderbloemen and Shawn Lovejoy will cover everything you were never taught in Seminary: HIRING & FIRING 101.
Speakers: Shawn Lovejoy and William Vanderbloemen

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