The Jesus Factor in Leadership | Joby Martin

Joby Martin studies how Jesus' words and actions give us guidance for leading our teams

January 4, 2017


[bctt tweet=”If you use your ministry to validate you before Jesus, you will die under that weight. – Joby Martin” via=”no”]

Being a strong leader starts with looking at our ultimate example of leadership who turned top-down leadership upside down. In this podcast from Exponential East 2016, planter/pastor Joby Martin unpacks Matthew 20, explaining how Jesus’ example shows us how to lead people. Martin offers a new take on servant leadership, asking the challenging question, “Do you see yourself as a leader who serves or as a servant who gets to lead?”

Key Takeaways:

  • Why rest is critical to leading well
  • The connection between leadership level and pain endurance
  • Why submitting to spiritual authority is key to Jesus-led leadership

A 20-year veteran of full-time ministry, Joby Martin is the lead pastor of The Church of Eleven22, launched out of Beach Church in September 2012.

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Leading a Great Team – Matthew 20 – Joby Martin


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