A Ministry Veteran Shares His Insights for Leading Well

January 5, 2017

If you don’t know what to measure and how to keep score, you can’t lead well. In this podcast from Exponential East 2016, pastor and author Larry Osborne shares several principles he’s learned over decades of ministry while growing a team around him.

Key Takeaways:

  • Which metrics should be on your scorecard
  • Why health and mission matter
  • What happens when you project your gifts on others
  • Health in leadership and discipleship development

Join Larry at Exponential East 2017, where he’ll be leading more workshops focusing on leading well.

Leading Well: Why Health AND Mission Matter – Larry Osborne

Larry Osborne is one of the senior pastors at North Coast Church in Vista, California, and the founder of the North Coast Training Network. Each week, North Coast sees more than 92 percent of their average weekend attendance participate in small groups. Larry’s books include Thriving in Babylon, Accidental Pharisees, 10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe, Spirituality for the Rest of Us, Mission Creep, Sticky Teams, Sticky Church, Sticky Leaders, and The Unity Factor.

Larry Osborne

Larry Osborne

Larry Osborne is one of the Senior and Teaching Pastors at North Coast Church in Vista, California. Under his leadership, weekend attendance has grown from 128 to over 10,000. Recognized nationally as one of the Ten Most Influential Churches in America and one of the most innovative, North Coast Church pioneered the use of Video Worship Venues and is one of the leaders in the Multi-Site movement with over 31 local worship options each weekend – each one targeted at a different missional demographic. Over 90% of North Coast’s average weekend attendance participates in weekly Sermon-Based Small Groups, a concept that is spreading across the nation as an alternative to traditional small group methodologies. Larry’s books include Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret, Accidental PhariseesSticky Teams, Sticky Church, The Unity Factor, A Contrarian’s Guide to Spirituality, and 10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe.
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