2021-2022 Multipliers Learning Communities

Equipping Movement Makers to Start Multiplication Movements in their Church and Community

2021-2022 Multipliers Learning Communities

Equipping Movement Makers to Start Multiplication Movements in their Church and Community

Multipliers Learning Communities

At Exponential, we are passionate about Kingdom multiplication. We are working to inspire and equip leaders to change the primary metrics of success in the Church from addition to multiplication, and from accumulation to releasing. 

The Multipliers Learning Communities were created to help forward-thinking leaders engage in peer-to-peer learning about the future of the church. Exponential’s Multipliers Learning Communities has served hundreds of diverse Kingdom leaders over the last decade guiding them to the critical paradigm shifts to embrace their vision and purpose to:

1. Lead churches that make disciples,
2. Mobilize their church into daily mission, and
3. Build a legacy of lasting Kingdom influence through starting new churches.

The Impact of Exponential's Multipliers Learning Community

The Learning Community journey consists of three separate gatherings in three different cities over an 7-month period (from Fall 2021 to Spring 2022). The journey combines the relational, experiential and informational components required for transformation. Learning Community attendees build lasting connections with fellow church multipliers while gaining the innovative ideas that will lead to implementing an action plan in their local context.

“It was important to me to meet likeminded people who are trying to reimagine what the church can be and do. What we’ve realized after going through this learning community experience is that we could do so much more in mobilizing people to be everyday missionaries wherever they are.”

Drew Hyun, Founding Pastor of Hope Church NYC, a family of diverse churches in NYC

Here's how you can join

Young, Emerging Leaders Cohort:

A peer-to-peer cohort of younger leaders of diverse ethnicities that want to establish a multiplication mindset from the very early days of their ministry. They long for a scorecard of multiplication instead of simple addition. These Leaders are shaping the church of the future, today.

Full Cohort for your Group:

The greatest overall impact within an organization may come from securing a full cohort for your denomination or network. Past experience has shown that the dynamics of learning together can create greater synergy for your group and multiply the impact throughout your tribe.

Denominational and Network Leaders Cohort:

Network and denominational leaders that want to learn how to lead leaders and churches into multiplication thinking.

Leaders Aspiring to Level 5 Cohort:

Seasoned Leaders that are committed to moving beyond simple addition. They may assess at Level 3 but aspire to Levels 4 and 5.

“(This journey) helped us take very concrete steps as a church in making some dramatic paradigm shifts...It has been absolutely life-changing, church-changing, and I believe will change the face of the United States. “

Greg Nettle, President, Stadia Church Planting


1.5 days during the week of
November 15, 2021

Seattle, WA

1.5 days during the week of
January 24, 2022

Kansas City, MO

1.5 days during the week of
May 2, 2022

Indianapolis, IN

“The Exponential learning community was an incredible experience for me…it really challenged the way I view my role in church planting, challenging me to place disciple-making at the core. And we’ve actually developed pipelines as a result of this cohort.”

Joey Cook, Lead Pastor, City Church, Conway AR

Your investment

Applications will be required to ensure compatibility within the cohorts.
An approved application and a 50% deposit will be required to reserve a place in a cohort. 

Tuition (Note: You are responsible for your travel costs): 

Young, Emerging Leader Individual Pricing


(reduced by half with scholarship for those accepted into the Young, Emerging Leader program)

Leaders Aspiring to Level 5 Cohort


Group Pricing

$1,300/person for groups of 6 or more

Full Cohort Pricing

Cohort of up to 25 people ($25,000)

“Bringing so many different leaders from different ministries and churches together in one room...you start seeing things in a new light. Now I’m not just thinking just how many can we reach here within Long Beach. My mindset has changed where now I’m thinking multiplication. I loved the collaboration and the conversation.”

Autumn Katz, Co-pastor of Anthem Church, Long Beach, CA

For more information, questions, or talk about reserving a Full Cohort for your network or denomination, email Bill Couchenour.