LNP3 | NEXT in the Metaverse Church

Series: Virtual Reality & the Church

Leadership Network Podcast | Episode 3

Guest: Pastor Brock, Founder, 4X Christian Fellowship
Host: Jeff Reed – Metaverse Church NEXT Director

What does evangelism look like in the metaverse? Those in the know talk about the opportunities in this massive metaverse mission field to relationally connect with people and share Jesus with others in virtual reality.

Is the metaverse culture receptive to conversations on faith? This is really the heart of the issue. With the cultural shift toward decentralization that’s partly a result of the metaverse, there is an increased value in individuals sharing about Jesus (both in physical space and in the metaverse mission field).

Enter William Willenbrock into the conversation. Known in the metaverse as Pastor Brock, Bill has a nine-to-five job as a hospital chaplain. Not a very “metavers-y” job, but in the evenings Pastor Brock runs a ministry where he has personally shared Jesus in the metaverse with over 2,000 people. No virtual stage, no podium. Straight up conversations with people in the metaverse.

How do people receive the gospel in the metaverse? In 2022, is an organic approach to the metaverse mission field effective? Let’s dig in with metaverse missionary Pastor Brock.


Explore and understand the future of the metaverse church. We’ll examine aspects of the meta mission field, the Church in the metaverse, even what discipleship and multiplication can look like in the metaverse. Through the interviews hosted on Metaverse Church NEXT we’ll address the technical, theological, and tactical approaches that churches are wrestling with today in virtual reality, augmented reality, and even innovation in general. Metaverse Church NEXT broadcasts Wednesday, 12:30 p.m. Eastern.

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To watch the conversation, visit https://mult-archive.em02.enthusiastinc.net/event/the-metaverse-missionary/

William “Pastor Brock” Willenbrock

William “Pastor Brock” Willenbrock

Bill Willenbrock, aka Pastor Brock, is the founder of 4X Christian Fellowship, a parchurch fellowship which meets primarily in the social platform VRChat. Over the last three years Bill has spoken to thousands from as far as China, Romania, India, and undisclosed locations in the Middle East. Bill holds a MDiv. from Concordia Theological Seminary and has over a decade of parish ministry experience. He resides with his wife and four children in suburban Detroit.
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